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SHERLOCK: This is low tar.
MYCROFT: Well...
You barely knew her.
What do you know about this woman?
SHERLOCK: Nothing whatsoever.
MYCROFT: Then you should be paying more attention.
SHERLOCK: Who is she?
Where is she?
Where is she?
God knows where she is.
MYCROFT: Irene Adler.
MIND-JOHN: Irene Adler.
SHERLOCK: Irene Adler.
JOHN: Irene Adler.
It's about Irene Adler.
GHOST-MARY: That's the text alert of Irene Adler.
She's the scary mad one, right?
MYCROFT: Professional known as...
...the Woman.
SHERLOCK: The woman. That woman.
JOHN: What woman?
The Woman.
IRENE: Mister Sherlock Holmes.
SHERLOCK: Miss Adler, I presume?
I'm not the Commonwealth.
KATE: What are you gonna wear?
KATE: Shade?
SHERLOCK: Then it's time to add a splash of colour.
IRENE: Blood.
SHERLOCK: Stop boring me and think.
IRENE: Think!
SHERLOCK: It's the new sexy!
IRENE: Brainy is the new sexy!
SHERLOCK: So you faked your own death—
—in order to get ahead of them.
Not. Dead.
IRENE: I'm not dead.
GHOST-MARY: I bet he saved her.
JOHN: Oh Jesus!
SHERLOCK: When I say "Run!"...
I never begged for mercy in my life.
IRENE: Please.
MAGNUSSEN: And the single rose is from...
MIND-MORIARTY: And the Woman will cry!
SHERLOCK: All emotion is abhorrent to me!
MYCROFT: One of a kind—the one woman who matters.
JOHN: He's not like that. || SHERLOCK: For God's sake,
I don't text her back!
JOHN: Because you're a liar!
You lie all the time! It's like your mission!
SHERLOCK: Even I text... Her, I mean, Woman.
JOHN: He doesn't feel things that way.
MIND-JOHN: Why do you need to be alone?
SHERLOCK: Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.
Your pupils dilated.
IRENE: What are you talking about?
SHERLOCK: Sentiment is a chemical defect—
—found in the losing side.
MYCROFT: Caring is not an advantage.
SHERLOCK: I've always assumed that love—
—is a dangerous disadvantage.
JOHN: I'd say he was heartbroken but, er—
—but he's Sherlock.
SHERLOCK: Thank you for the final proof.
Merry Christmas, Mycroft.
MYCROFT: And a Happy New Year.
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Sherlock & Irene || You Barely Knew Her

339 Folder Collection
jojo2638 published on March 23, 2018
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