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  • I had no idea how I was gonna return this lost iPhone.

  • But by God I was determined to figure it out.

  • I went out to Long Island this weekend

  • with my girlfriend and Sunday evening we jumped on a train

  • to head back into New York City.

  • Right away we notice an iPhone wedged between

  • the seat and the wall.

  • Now we could have given the phone to a conductor,

  • but we had more than two hours to kill,

  • and I stared thinking, WWEDD.

  • What would Ellen DeGeneres do.

  • My girlfriend, Stephanie, starts googling

  • what to do if you find a lost iPhone.

  • But if the phone is locked,

  • and the owner never filled out the emergency info,

  • then there's very few options outside of Siri.

  • We asked Siri anything we can think of.

  • Siri, call home.

  • Siri, call Mom, Dad, Michael, Emily, Arnold, anything,

  • but Siri has nothing that matches.

  • Stephanie then asks Siri to dial the most recent call.

  • So, Siri FaceTime Audio calls Ryan's cell.

  • Facetime Audio failure.

  • So we ask Siri to text Ryan's cell and dictate the message word for word,

  • cause remember, we can't unlock the phone.

  • We ask Ryan's cell to call the number of the lost phone

  • so we can swap info.

  • Hi, so we found your phone on the Long Island Rail Road.

  • I then start to think about the iCloud.

  • If the phone owner has his photos connected to the cloud,

  • then he'll see any photo or video I take.

  • I have access to the camera, so, I send a message.

  • But, it doesn't matter.

  • A few minutes later, Ryan's cell calls the phone.

  • Okay. Well, can I get your phone number right now?

  • and I can just text it to you?

  • Ryan, turns out, is the best friend of the phone owner,

  • who's name is Kirk and lives in the town of Bayshore,

  • which is halfway between where we left and where

  • Stephanie and I live in New York City.

  • I text Ryan so he has my number.

  • Please forward my info along to Kirk, or Kurt.

  • It was a loud train, I couldn't really hear the name.

  • Ryan passes the info to Kirk.

  • About 40 minutes into our train ride,

  • I get a text message from a Chris.

  • I hear you have my husband's phone.

  • I tell her our next stop is Bayshore, but I'm not able to get off the train.

  • Now, why couldn't I get off the train?

  • For one, you could wait up to an hour for a train on the LIRR.

  • Two, it was raining and it was cold.

  • I was trying to do a nice deed.

  • I wasn't trying to get pneumonia.

  • Three, we had our cat with us,

  • who was already hating life because he hates traveling.

  • We'll be there in the next two minutes.

  • She texts, I live two minutes away.

  • The train finally pulls up,

  • I poke my head out, and I don't see anyone.

  • Just as the train doors close,

  • I get a text telling me to put the phone outside.

  • Cause they're stuck on the other side of the tracks.

  • But, at this point, it's too late.

  • If you can open, I can leave this outside for her.

  • Leave it outside?

  • Yeah, she said "Leave ir outside, I'm going to come back up."

  • (To the operator) Can you stop for a minute?

  • Where are you going to leave it? It's pouring out there.

  • She said, "Just leave it at the side."

  • I sent a photo so they would know exactly where the phone is.

  • Not two minutes later, I get confirmation that they've picked up the phone.

  • The whole ordeal took exactly 58 minutes.

  • So, Kirk got his phone back.

  • Stephanie and I did a good deed.

  • Buzzfeed got a video.

  • Everyone was happy.

  • Except our cat, who was still pissed.

I had no idea how I was gonna return this lost iPhone.

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We Returned A Lost iPhone While On A Moving Train

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    Samuel posted on 2018/03/25
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