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  • You hear about the IQ's of famous people,

  • but how is intelligence measured, and how do you stack up?

  • One of the most common tests involves identifying emotions in people's faces.

  • For example, what is this expression?

  • Do you think it's embarrassment, sadness, amusement, or shame?

  • If you guessed embarrassment you are correct!

  • This test is used to help measure your ability to empathize and communicate effectively with others.

  • So let's look at a more ubiquitous test for intelligence - the IQ Test, also known

  • as the Intelligence Quotient.

  • It is a standardized test that assesses both verbal and non-verbal abilities.

  • Study this geometrical pattern sequence right now.

  • Now of these 6 tiles below, which tile would you choose to complete the pattern?

  • I'll give you a couple of seconds, but pause the video if you need more time.

  • If you picked 5, you're correct!

  • Basically, each row has a diamond, a square and a triangle

  • as well as a solid bar, a lined bar and an empty bar.

  • Since this bottom row has a triangle and diamond, we know the next one's a square, and it also has a

  • lined and an empty bar, so we know we need a solid bar.

  • The direction of the bar is also the same in each line.

  • Though IQ tests are common, other ways to test if you are smart do exist.

  • There is now a prominent theory of "Multiple Intelligences", such as musical-rhythmic intelligence.

  • Let's test your pitch!

  • Which of these songs sounds "off" to you?

  • Song one?

  • Song two?

  • or song three?

  • If you guessed clip 3, you have a good sense of pitch.

  • Though not fully understood, you could be tone deaf and still have perfect hearing but

  • how your brain interprets the sounds may make it difficult to interpret pitch.

  • Now, what about your visual intelligence?

  • I'm going to show you a picture of these six shapes for 10 seconds.

  • Try to remember them as best as you can!

  • Ok now which of these three did you already see?

  • If you guessed "C" you are correct!

  • This task needed to use Ziggerins - novel objects that don't exist in real life in

  • order to accurately test you.

  • If you are good at the Ziggerin task you may have higher visual intelligence which is not

  • the same as IQ.

  • But it could mean that you will excel at tasks like matching fingerprints, interpreting medical

  • X-rays, or keeping track of aircraft on radar displays.

  • Not all intelligences can be measured, for example bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, the

  • capacity to handle objects skillfully is difficult to tease apart.

  • A study of 4 year olds at a ballet class couldn't assess rhythm effectively because some had

  • already taken classes before or dance at home creating predisposed knowledge.

  • As well many tests require a combination of many types of intelligences, so it's hard

  • to study just one.

  • What this research underscores is that there are so many ways to be smart, and it is not

  • just about taking an IQ test.

You hear about the IQ's of famous people,

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How Smart Are You? (TEST)

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