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“Wind back the clock.”
“Wind back the clock. Until you get
a universe born from a black hole exploding.”
“We learn to listen.”
Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest physicists of our time,
didn't let a rare motor neurone illness that bound him
to a wheelchair stop him from roaming everywhere else.
Despite being told, age 22, that he had only
a few years left to live,
he went on to live for decades more,
his mind traveling through the cosmos,
making breakthroughs in scientific theories
on black holes and relativity,
capturing the imagination of millions around the world.
And he didn't stop there.
“Don't feel bad, Lisa.
Sometimes the smartest of us can be
the most childish.”
“Even you?”
“No. Not me.”
He also broke through onto our screens and radios.
“You guys were never even on Futurama.
I was on three times.”
With cameos on TV shows —
“You made an arithmetic mistake on page 2.”
— in advertisements and in songs,
becoming a pop culture icon —
“If you are looking for trouble, you found it.”
“Yeah, just try me, you ... ow!”
— displaying a wicked sense of humor as he went.
“It's a little hard to read your tone of voice.
When you say that, are you being sarcastic?”
“I thought so.”
His familiar synthesized voice graced Pink Floyd songs
and TV commercials.
“Mankind's greatest achievements have come about by talking.”
“Seconds after the Big Bang, called inflation,
in which the ... [scream]!”
He ran over rival physicists, and had other celebrities
pandering to him in comedy sketches.
“Time to find my new voice.”
“Surely it has to be me?
Listen to my voice.
It's got a tinge of physics.”
He offered sound advice to the next generation.
“What do you think is the cosmological effect
of Zayn leaving [pop music band] One Direction?”
“Finally, a question about something important.
My advice to any heartbroken young girl
is to pay loads of attention to the study of theoretical physics.”
And in 2014, his extraordinary life was immortalized
in a film titled "The Theory Of Everything."
“All the way back, to see what happened
at the beginning of time itself.”
While Hawking may have left planet Earth,
his many fans can be sure that his legacy remains.
“I could have gone on and on.
Space, here I come.”
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Stephen Hawking, Pop Culture Icon | NYT

218 Folder Collection
Samuel published on March 19, 2018
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