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You promised
Me to Chuckie Cheese
What is up my beautiful weebs? It is me CDawgVA
So a few days ago, and by a few days. I mean a while ago
I tweeted out saying was planning on doing some light-hearted killing stalking content at some point and I was met with a
very large and similar response
And thus I promise to make killing stalking family-friendly for all and that's why we're here today
Let's make killing stalking family-friendly
This is gonna backfire so much so if you aren't familiar with killing stalking. I have one piece of advice for you
Don't don't don't be familiar with killing stalking killing stalking is very fucked up, and that's why we're gonna make it family-friendly
Say do you remember how in the start of the prologue of killing stalking?
Yun Bum starts narrating about his love for sang-woo and reveals something exciting about himself
Yes, so do I well, here's my version of it enjoy
There is a guy. I like
I Follow his social media updates religiously, but I don't want him to know because I'm sure I'd be labeled as stalker
But that's not the only problem, I'm a Teletubby
But that one was a little basic
And I thought I can definitely do better than that and definitely change up the words a lot a lot more
So this is how this one came to exist?
Why are you crying I just
really really
The only cereal you had was cornflakes
Oh? And your point is?
Think they're the blandest cereal.
You know frosted flakes are my favorite. I just think that tony the tiger is an amazing mascot
Oh...Is that so but Bum?
You know the sugar content in frosted flakes is far too high
Bum the sugar content...
I know I know, it's stupid but I can't help it
Tony the tiger talks to me like no other cereal mascot does
You don't know what you're saying bum you're just hungry and not thinking straight
Luckily I always carry food with me
Wow you really are enjoying that cucumber
It's okay. I'm the same. I can't get enough of a family-friendly mascot either
Then I thought no
This isn't good enough
we can do better than this I can do better than this we can make killing stalking even more family-friendly and entertaining
And so I made this little gem
enjoy! -3-
Keep it up Bum you're doing great. You'll be in shape in no time ah
No, one will be able to forget about the Bum
Are you talking about yourself than the third person or your bum?
Why are you asking such a dumb question the bum will make everyone respect me oh so you want a pun battle
It would seem that your seam is pitiful
Homophones are also puns your mind is limiting puns to homonyms!
But that's not possible
I'm so stupid... Im such a Bum
Lighten up these puns or I'll torch you two alive
Why did he shine a light on me? I have no eyes
Did you enjoy those family-friendly manga dubs, I sure did enjoy making them, but if you've been sticking around this long
I had a few panels that I kind of wanted to do stuff with but I didn't have time or I
Could probably make a joke out of a single panel so I made a bunch of single panel edits with a friend
I didn't voice over there or anything, but yeah here they are so here's the original panel, and here's the family friendly version panel yay! :3
Just a heads up killing stalking is kind of fucked up
And the original panels to give you context to those who aren't familiar with it. Yeah, just a fair warning also
There are spoilers so yeah deal with that first off
We have the panel where sang-woo is about to hit yung bum with a baseball bat
Not family-friendly right no not at all my version bit more family-friendly, so I've just swapped it get the fuck out of here
And we've put a lovely pillow fight scene now isn't this just much more
Family-friendly and the entire family can get behind this next one here is sang-woo offering a choice to you
Would you like the knife or the hook now?
This isn't very family-friendly so I went ahead and swapped it with some candy canes and some candy floss
I think this is much more appropriate for the series. I can't be the only one who gets thirsty reading killing stalking *slurps viguriously* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sang-woo, I'll be your bitch here is Yun Bum quoting a meme
See now this one Yun Bum is not wearing a t-shirt or shorts
This just won't do in our family-friendly version, so I took a liberty of adding some paint to it and there we go
It's it's family friendly now. You're welcome. You can read it now with your family your parents, and it's not that fucked up
Just a little bit in this panel
Sangwoo's just being a bit too threatening for our family friendly vibes, so I went ahead and just made him
Booping his prisoner not prisoner in this version though
In this panel sang woo originally is being too threatening now that doesn't go with our family friendly vibe
So I went ahead and took the liberty of making sangwoo
Just kind of cautious about his breath and asking Yun Bum if his breath smells
Which is very family friendly it is don't question it this one is safe enough
But I thought I would just add a bit of a car wash vibe to it
This wall of Yun Bum's like sticking out. I figured why not just add a fun little caption
You suck at hide-and-seek
This one's sang-woo is holding a phallic object now
I just won't do in our family-friendly version of killing stalking
So I went ahead and swapped it with everyone's favorite pickle rick and now it's family friendly
The whole blood going on here didn't really vibe, too
well in my family friendly version
So I went ahead and just changed it with
Yun Bum cutting an onion and getting very upset over that fact because onions make you cry and so do
family friendly versions of killing stalking
Sang-woo getting tackled to the ground not family-friendly sang-woo getting tackled to the ground not family friendly doing a push up and getting motivation from the fellow peer family-friendly
confrontation I think not that's not family-friendly, but you know what is
outdated memes. NANI?!
discovering something
inappropriate on the PC not family-friendly
Discovering that someone hacked your roblox account
very very family-friendly
Not buying any Girl Scout cookies very family-friendly
Giving your uber driver a one-star rating very family-friendly
I think I also have two more panels which are my personal favorites that I forgot to record
Visually for so here's my voice enjoy
So there's this series of channels where Yun Bum finds that in the basement is a naked woman originally
but that's not family-friendly my fellow friends, so instead I had a friend of mine paint over the
Naked woman to be a lovely
mermaid which obviously Yun Bum is just amazed and
Once a mermaid of himself
Under a sea and then also who can forget the lovely panel where Yun Bum is looking at a photo of
What appears to be a very revealing woman in a museum now?
that's that's not family-friendly enough for me, so I went ahead and changed it to a lovely picture of
everyone's favorite ship
Victuri.. anyway moving on thank you my beautiful weebs for watching this video
I hope you had a fantastic time and enjoyed the video if you enjoyed it
Please consider hitting that subscribe button liking it and maybe sharing it around with your friends
That would really help me out and help me grow
Thank you very much to my friends who helped me make this video such as Aki for lending me your voice
Seigi for editing one of the manga dubs and Nexus for helping me with some of the singular panels
Way too much work went into this video for what it is
It's really over-the-top and stupid, but I had a lot of fun making it
So thank you so much for watching
So I will see you beautiful weebs next time after you hit the subscribe button like which you're definitely going to do aren't you?
Yes, yes do that?
I do it for the love of the love. Yes. I do say you don't care about the money. Well yes
It's true, and I'm so blessed to be fulfilling my destiny on
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Killing Stalking... but it's Family Friendly.

524 Folder Collection
Juice Le published on March 18, 2018
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