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Whipped cream...
Put it in your pants
We put it in our pants
Bean burrito...
Now you know what's up
Mayonnaise, dump all of that
A dictionary and an almanac
A large pizza, extra cheese
A used thong, oh yes please
Dirty diaper, don't ask why
Have some milk run down your thighs
All purpose flour in your pants
A pinch of salt and now we dance
Put it in your pants (x4)
Put it in your pants
Put it in your pants
Put it in your pants
And dance
Put a fish inside your slacks
This might hurt, a bunch of tacs
Let's get sticky, a jar of honey
Add some feathers, hmm that's funny
A dozen eggs, make sure they're fresh
Tampons, absorb the mess
Gasoline, let's heat it up
Now light a match...
Now blow it out
Get a gun, now drop it in
A yoyo, just let it spin
Telephone, hear it ring
Mac and cheese, then silly string
Bake a cake now smash the cake
Then get a steak now drop that steak
Add your insurance plan
Now finish off with your best friend's hand
Put it in your pants
It's not weird, just do it
Put it in your pants
Don't question us, just get into it
Put it in your pants
Put it in your pants
And dance
Cat food...
Cottage cheese...
Light bulb...
Pizza sauce...
Put it in your pants
Keep calm and carry on
Just put it in your pants
When in doubt you know what to do
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Put It In Your Pants (And Dance)

6832 Folder Collection
Zenn published on September 9, 2013
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