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  • I'm gonna fucking derail for a second this is something that is so interesting

  • to me and then you will bring us back the way that people think I have

  • tomorrow the way that today is so finite and so like just like another day and

  • tomorrow will have more potential people don't create the momentum in their life

  • and I'm doing a really bad job of explaining this bear with me because I

  • really want people to understand this concept you're getting fucked by the

  • fact that today seems so inconsequential today is just one of many and that it's

  • a Friday and you know what like I'm gonna hit it hard on Monday and and that

  • sense of like it's it's so just one of many that people don't buckle down and

  • say I have to do this right now today this is why like when people use the

  • word patience I go fucking crazy I want to crawl out of my skin you will love

  • yourself into this sense of like I got something done today that's great but

  • you know what I need to be patient I need to understand this is gonna take a

  • lot of time dude it's gonna take a lot of time if you go balls to the wall

  • every day going all-out like a freak

  • well I think the one thing that discipline definitely does help you with

  • is it helps you get things done and when you get things done when you actually do

  • things you have more success if you have more success sometimes all a big part of

  • success is just not being fucking lazy and just doing it that's like 90% of its

  • just showing up get there and start working like you're not gonna feel

  • perfect every day if I only worked out when I felt good I'd be a fat fuck

  • the reason discipline is hard to maintain is because it is hard to

  • maintain that's what makes discipline hard it's hard and it is work to

  • maintain the discipline that's what it is work giving no slack nunavut that's

  • the discipline in holding the line maintaining the standard those minutes

  • and those hours they turn into weeks and months and years and holding the line in

  • those critical minutes will put you in an infinitely better place physically

  • and mentally if you maintain the discipline

  • work through the weakness fight through the temptation hold the light

  • hold the line main the discipline it is not easy but it is

  • worth it because yes

  • because disappointed of course freedom

  • I don't really want to work out I work out I really don't want a hammer on a

  • project I hammer on the project simply going through the motions stayed on the

  • righteous path the disappoint that stayed on the warpath

  • which is right we know which you belong

I'm gonna fucking derail for a second this is something that is so interesting

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