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  • Mr. Monkey, monkey mechanic, was busy decorating his garage for a big party

  • When suddenly, the garage bell rang

  • A visitor!

  • Mr. Monkey loves visitors, almost as much as he loves parties

  • Who could it be?

  • Hot diggity dog, it's Mr. Monkey's friend Little Doggy and his wheelchair

  • Hello Little Doggy, says Mr. Monkey

  • Are you here for the party?

  • I sure am

  • I was so excited that I came early to help decorate

  • Mr. Monkey is happy to have some help

  • He gets his box of decorations and gives some to Little Doggy

  • Mr. Monkey's garage looks amazing

  • But just then Little Doggy sighed

  • [sigh]

  • What is it, Little Doggy? asked Mr. Monkey

  • Well, Mr. Monkey, it's just that the garage looks so fun and festive,

  • and my wheelchair looks so...ordinary

  • Mr. Monkey is surprised to hear this

  • He thinks Little Doggy's wheelchair is amazing

  • It allows him to get everywhere he needs to go

  • Mr. Monkey checks the wheels

  • Then he checks the brakes

  • He even checks out the seat

  • Well, everything seems to be in tip-top shape

  • Oh, my wheelchair is working fine, Mr. Monkey,

  • it just doesn't have any...pizazz

  • Mr. Monkey wonders if there is something he can do

  • to help make Little Doggy's wheelchair more exciting for the party

  • Off to his workbench

  • Little Doggy loves his wheelchair

  • But he wishes it was more festive for the party

  • Maybe Mr. Monkey can decorate Little Doggy's wheelchair

  • What kind of decorations does Little Doggy like?

  • Well, Mr. Monkey knows that Little Doggy loves ribbons and streamers,

  • but he especially loves balloons

  • Now Mr. Monkey needs just one more thing

  • his trusty monkey wrench

  • Mr. Monkey is ready to get started,

  • but he wants this to be a surprise

  • Cover your eyes, Little Doggy

  • No peeking, Little Doggy, says Mr. Monkey

  • It's time for the balloons

  • 1...2...3...4...5...

  • 6...7...8...9...10

  • All right, Little Doggy, open your eyes

  • Wow!

  • Little Doggy loves his fancy wheelchair

  • Whoops

  • Mr. Monkey may have used too many balloons

  • There, now Little Doggy is the life of the party

  • Another job well done

  • Just in time too, because

  • it's party time!

Mr. Monkey, monkey mechanic, was busy decorating his garage for a big party

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Little Doggy's Wheelchair Gets A Makeover | Cartoon For Kids

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    soapgouw posted on 2018/03/09
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