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Wow! (Pewdz beautiful face enlarged)
Hey, it's Pewdiepie the best youtuber ever I have the most subscribers, so that's how it works. STFU (more face)
Today we're going to talk about streaming (wait for it...)
streaming "fails" (wheeze)
The thing that I love about uhhh
stream fails
Specifically is because it doesn't matter if it's one frame
Okay, one frame you fuck up it's on the internet forever, and you're going to get shit for it
now I have never made that mistake before I would never be that fucking stupid
* pewds being disgusting *
that I would do something dumb like
accidentally showing my porn history in a video
Mission failed!!
First one. I love this video. I love this video so much. It's one of my favorite. It's this fucking
streamer who gets caught for
Using Wallhack and some other hacks as she said playing with a hack without knowing that
the stream actually sees her using the hack
Pewds: and let's just watch. Girl: Stop shooting. P: Oh wow okay. What is that?
You motherfucker (what a dumbass)
*Watches a fellow sister fister play*
She's not actually hacking. She's just so good at the game that she can automatically see the health bar and through Walls
this is
Women for you, they are so good at games
They can't help it
*girl screaming* WHY DID I RELOAD WTF
That's right. Why did you reload that was the issue there? I think I don't man
Thank you very much, though welcome to the Dumpling Empire
my name is Miss Q gemini. The dumpling empire, one of my -it really hurts for me to break down this footage because I
Myself used to be part of the dumpling empire (no way)
My favorite Empire to be part of the dumpling empire we're trying to not be a noob (are you fucking retarted)
We're trying to not be a noob
by using wall hacks
The self-deprecation, I am trying not to be a noob even though I am kind of good at this game
because you are using fucking wall hack.
How dishonest can you be at collecting donations?
from people
Simultaneously, just fucking cheating up the game
It's so annoying to me when people cheat in games because okay, okay. You know what I'll take that back
I sort of respect cheating in games if you just want to fuck people over you know want to upset them piss them off I
Can sort of understand that but when you just cheat to pretend that you're good that's just fucking stupid. Oh, that's just cringey man
I can't I can't stand beside the dumpling army any longer for that.
But my favourite bit is when she realized she got caught and she tried to blame it off her friend. (how stupid can you get)
Look at her face. Oh
G: Yo, you guys ever get that weird glitch in CSGO. (Pewds mocking): Yo, you guys ever get that weird glitch in CSGO.
Where you see through the walls for two fucking rounds, and then don't acknowledge it
But then all the sudden you're stupid, where it shows your rank, it shows everyone's rank.
P: Oh, it shows everyone's rank. G: I played the other day. P: uh-huh G: I played the other day with
You played the other day
I don't know what it must have been some sort of computer virus that installed itself and then you just didn't see it.
That's weird, that is weird.
Wait, what the fuck? Oh what the fuck okay? Well? What's the excuse number two please tell me Clara Clara?
Fucking Clara I've been telling you guys about her for so long fucking Clara cannot be trusted
What does she do hold on Clara give me one second all right? Where is this?
How do I close this yo Rock I need some help because I don't know what I'm looking at right now.
What the fuck is that, hello?
I need to text my friend Clara right now. She was at my house the other day. What the actual fuck?
I love the top comment under this video Clara. Sorry
Yo Rock, do you remember do you remember when fucking Clara got the fucking VAC ban? I'm going to kill this girl.
She promised me. [some dumb excuses]
She was here today, and I was watching her
Why the fuck why the fuck this is what happens when you let people use your PC. Can't trust them alright
That's such so mean to Clara like this fucking girl.
It's so fucking.. oh my God
So one of my nightmares with streaming is that you would accidentally leave the stream on, and then you do something horrible
Something you're not supposed to do, something not Christian
and everyone sees it, but this girl clearly
fakes it, that's the case and it's so fucking obvious when you look it look at it. Yeah, I think
I think this is it I'm going
yeah, I think this is it I am going to go away now, to uh
I'm going to log off now and
Have a nicely.. have a good night's sleep
I am going to go away. I am going to have a nice sleepy and nothing else
I will go and sleep
No, not continue streaming, and no masturbating yeah, you guys
Yeah, wait. I just realized this video
Got age-restricted so that means if I show what's about to happen
My video will be age restricted and fuck that you can look it up yourself. She comes back. She plays her fiddle
Okay, but it's not only the women of course we're going this is also a classic
This one didn't get age-restricted though
It's just funny when he when when guys does it, what is up everyone?
Hello, hello and welcome all
cameras on
cue the Seinfeld
Oh the cameras how long have you been watching did you see all of that?
But you know streaming isn't that bad it's not like actually bad things happen, wait home invasion caught on twitch
What where do people live, Jesus Christ.
Jesus, oh my god
This music is fucking awesome
Anyone know what song this is?
really like this tune (it's pretty nice)
Really good
I'm joking I hope she's okay. I think she is I she made a video about it afterwards at the time
I didn't know what was going on. They were supposed to go to someone else like their targets. They were probably after a youtuber
They make more money. I have a gun right now, that was actually really close.
And our car speeds off a car
Just sped off, I think my neighbors [inaudible]
Let me go check actually hold on I might need to grab a gun just in case but I think it's a drug
They see where my knife at you. We get it just
A drive-by no big deal.
This this clip kind of annoys me
Maybe because I don't I don't know exactly what is happening, but there's some drive-by hear some gunshots
And he's like let me just get my knife let me just get my gun
Has this nibba not heard of swatting, okay police comes in and you have a gun you're gonna get fucking shot
That seems like a terrible idea to have a gun next to you when you fucking stream
Right am I the only one thinking like this, so there's this audio clip
That sounds exactly like someone is knocking on your door if you have headphones on it will trick you
100% so it knocks here, and then you'll obviously be like this
and then it goes in this ear a little less it really sounds like something is coming from there like it sounds super real and
Some people send these to streamers, and it tricks them and the reaction is just fucking hilarious
It sounds real good, and then they just fucking hide
But never this big guy, just grabs a gun in his truck if I had a gun next to me
I throw in the fuck away, I'm like. I'm not that's not mine
Look, how can you wear the wrong do have guns fuck man?
Do you want to get shot? I don't get it man. Oh
Man, is that you got you son of a bitch. Oh, you got me
Look at it. You could've got next to him dude. You're destroyed man
You can't do that with her fucking huh? I don't know why bothers me
Did you not see what happened to this dude at 11:07 on your side?
Exclusive a shot between the eyes, and I mistaken police response. It's an alarming new Crime trend in our area
Jesus Christ man why do I have to tell people to do it right? Oh my God this fucking thing, okay?
Let's finish for this one. This is probably one of my favorite
Because it's so confusing
so this streamer
I think the context here is that she was playing dark souls which you can tell here by the giant window of Gameplay and
She was getting drunk but for some reason and I can't what I want to know why cuz I don't understand what she decided to
stream herself
walking up the stairs in
in crutches
Here's the thing about that that I don't understand
first of all seeing a girl walking up the stairs this
It's not that attractive, okay
It's not like I'm always like oh my fucking God
I can see a little better angle of that ass, like it's not that great, okay
I understand the whole thing that they figured out that they can do on twitch where they like have a whiteboard and they
Bend over, they're like
Can sort of understand that but just walking up the stairs that is not attractive, okay? It's not sexy
but the thing is
She just doesn't walk up stairs. She walk up the stairs in fucking crutches. That's like. It's not sexy
You look like a fucking retard. What are you doing? Why is she doing this?
If I came into this stream now, I'd be like is that a girl in special needs like what's wrong with her?
Is she trying to show what a struggle it is to walk up the stairs when a ... is a handicap
Is that what this is about?
How does the thought go I'm going to put a camera here?
So that people live can watch me walk up the stairs in crutches now. How does that make any sense?
I don't understand. I'm so confused
but then it keeps going
Because her boyfriend, sodapoppin bless his soul
Yes, it's this fake it feels like I'm watching a big brother reality show some shit, but I'm well entertained
I hope I hope it is. He comes in super pissed about this
Walking up these steps your ass
"How was I supposed to know that" well, I hope they worked it through
I hope they got through whatever the fuck that was because that can't be fun to have life, but anyway
That's just some of my favorite streaming moments. I had plenty more but I think we're out of time
We're not really out of time, but we hit the 10-minute mark
So you know it's time for me to go and then fuck off and play some pub G anyway
Thank you guys for watching leave a like and sister fister and all that shit. I'll see you tomorrow with another video
Sister Fister©
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373 Folder Collection
:P published on March 5, 2018
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