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You know, a lot of people have been thanked tonight
Producers, directors, Mexico got a thanks.
And deservedly so.
Many of you would not be here without the people you're thanking
But there's another group that I think deserves our thanks even more because without them
none of us would be here.
So I want to thank - I would take a moment to thank the people who actually go to see
the movies you make.
Tonight we thank the movie going public.
I don't think you fully understand.
I don't want us to just clap.
Applause is nice, but I want to really thank them.
So the people you see on screen right now, they are across the way at the TCL Chinese
They don't know we can see them.
We're watching them on one of those cameras that have vision in the night.
What are they called, night vision cameras?
So they don't know the cameras are there.
We lured them into the theater to see a sneak preview of the movie “A Wrinkle in Time”.
And I thought it would be nice if we got a group together to go over there and thank
them in person.
To surprise them.
So who wants to come with me?
By the way, we're looking for stars.
Ansel would you like to come with me?
That would be very kind of you.
Who else?
Mark would you?
Oh they would get a big kick out of seeing Luke Skywalker, that would be wonderful.
Yeah definitely.
Guillermo, you want to come with us?
You know you're nominated in every category so this could potentially be problematic.
Oh good, Guillermo I'd like you to meet Guillermo.
Who else?
Emily would you - Emily Blunt will come with us and they can see what Mary Poppins looks
like in the flesh!
Oh Gal Gadot and - oh my God, Lupita thank you.
Okay, some people have trains.
I think we have a pretty solid group here.
Oh Armie Hammer is gonna join us as well, wonderful!
So follow Guillermo, let's head over there right now -
Oh Lin-Manuel Miranda and Margot Robbie.
Oh great, this is going to be a great group.
Thank you.
Let's go over to the theatre.
Okay so we are outside theater number 6 at the TCL Chinese Theatre.
We've got all these movie stars gathered, we've got snacks.
What do we have here, what do you have?
Candy, we got Red Vines, we got gummy bears, we have a six-foot sub, and we have a hot
dog cannon.
Ansel has a hot dog cannon and Armie has a hot dog cannon.
We're gonna fire hot dogs into- you're gonna fire hot dogs?
So Gal, you come in and we'll distract them and then we'll bring everybody in as a surprise,
Here we go.
What do I do?
So… here we go.
Hi everyone!
How are you doing?
I don't know if you know who we are.
You do!
We're on the screen!
Well hello!
We've brought you some goodies!
We're sorry we interrupted the movie.
Oh that's very nice.
This is so much better than the Oscars!
Can I tell you something?
I just want to say right up front: there is a strong aroma of marijuana in this theater.
It's true!
Not that I know how it smells, but it's true.
I think you're gonna appreciate what we have.
First of all, I have an announcement to make: you are live on the Oscars right now.
In fact, you see that audience?
There's Meryl Streep!
So we were talking about our appreciation for people who go to the movies, and those
are you people, so we wanted to say thank you to the moviegoers.
Say thank you to the moviegoers, everybody!
And we have a surprise for you as well.
I notice you don't have any snacks, and especially considering the smell in this theater,
look at this: Ansel Elgort is here! Mark Hamill is here! Emily Blunt is here! Margot Robbie is here!
There's a couple of security guards here!
We've got Guillermo del Toro, Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Now who would like a hot dog, does anyone want a hot dog?
Alright - do not aim the hot dogs at the vegetarians!
Oh there you go!
Ansel, go ahead fire that thing into the crowd.
We've got a hot dog cannon.
We've got a mustard cannon coming, too.
Oh this is better than Halloween.
This is so much better than the Oscars!
We can like eat and dance and scream!
Oh I want to meet this guy.
What's your name?
How you doing?
Come up here for a second.
I'm Mike Young.
Where are you from, Mike?
I'm from Lake Elsinore, California.
Are you enjoying “A Wrinkle in Time” so far?
I'm loving it, loving it.
Have you found out who the wrinkle is yet?
No, not yet.
Mike, have you ever - have you ever done an introduction on an awards show before?
No I haven't.
Hey guys, Mike here is gonna do an introduction so…
Mike, all you have to do is just read that card.
Alright here we go, Mike is gonna introduce our next presenters.
Hello billion people watching, I am Mike Young.
Movies truly are magic.
One moment you can be sitting in a theater watching one, and the next minute you're
on the Oscars, introducing Tiffany Hatson - Hatches - Haddish, Haddish and Maya Rudolph!
Please welcome Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph!
Oh your beard smells delicious.
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Jimmy Kimmel and Oscars Stars Surprise Moviegoers

2217 Folder Collection
Samuel published on March 21, 2018    米勒 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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