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It's a well know fact that manufacturers often use cheap thermal paste on their
notebooks and their laptops in the assembly line take for example my MSI AGL
62m you can see in the background on the right of the screen now repaste this
one and it lowered the maximum temperatures and amazing 15 degrees
Celsius which is huge I did have problems with that laptop it was
overheating it was causing thermal throttling was causing stuttering in
games and performance problems I thought it was a cooling problem and all it was
was just down to cheap crappy paste that MSI used now I have my me notebook Pro
here maximum temperatures after doing a stress test on the CPU are 74 degrees
Celsius so I'm gonna re paste this one show you how to do it show you how to
open it up and we'll check and see if we can lower those maximum temperatures so
hopefully the fans will come on a little less and we can push the power limit
just a little bit higher - so you will need a Torx screwdriver the t5 bit as
the size of it that it uses so we have all these torques screws around the
outside you need to remove and there is one hidden under this foot here in the
middle so don't forget that one now I'm clipping the base is a little
tricky I recommend starting right next to the hinge here in the corner just
pull up this area you may need a guitar pick or a plastic pry tool and then just
work your way around the sides and clipping it it's quite difficult at
first and it feels like even going to break something but don't worry you
should hear a click and that means those clips are then being undone so we need
to play it safe here unplug the battery it simply just pulls up this clip here
then it connects it so it's completely disconnected and just leave it up like
that you'll be fine you don't need to remove it completely
now with a standard Philips sized one this is the double zero size so very
small unscrew all of those screws here that are holding this heatsink on and
the copper heat transfer pipe now to get this off you don't have to remove the
fans at all you can leave those in we need to pry up from the front here and
just pull up on that so it takes a lot effort to get this off because there's
actually clipped in the shielding that's on here and then simply pull it up now I
can feel that these cooling fins they're either side they they think they're
taped in there we go now they actually have come out there is just a little bit
of double-sided tape I can see here that has been holding
that in place so close up of the RAM here you can see we have two 1 gigabyte
chips there for the GPU this right here is the MX 150 then we have our CPU which
is the eighth generation i7 8550 u and each of these samsung chips here are two
gigabytes of ram that set double data rate for memory now you can see the
thermal paste job they have done isn't actually too bad just focus on that then
you go overboard especially on the GPU doesn't seem to have a lot there and we
have a look at the back of the copper heatsink you can see there that yeah
that's a little bit of excess there but overall not too bad so I'm not really
too sure if I can improve on this but I'll try anyway and we paste it now
clean up the stock thermal paste which by the way looks quite cheap to me
because it's already starting to dry out or at least so signs of that you
something like Arctic's clean is what I'm going to use here so you want the
CPU die to be nice and clean and don't worry too much about what's left over on
the sides there just the surface of the die you can see I've cleaned up these
two here and I have also cleaned up the GPU there's a little bit of residue left
but there are some tiny little resistors there on the GPU that I don't want to
risk damaging because they are so small and probably be very easy if you were
wiping that with a tip X or a cotton bag or whatever you want to call it you
could probably end up damaging them so now all our surface is a nice and shiny
and clean we can proceed to put on some new thermal paste I use a high quality
one I think on this chipset because what I do on the Apollo Lake so they'll just
use anything but what I've got on hand is mx4 I mean this isn't super high
quality anything like that you can probably go out there and buy one of
those I think it's grizzly has the best thing
will compound if you want and put some of that on there now I would not use a
metal compound those ones that are middle because that's conductive and if
you put it on for example here on the GPU that could probably end up over
spoiling and shorting out any of those there and completely frying the GPU so
you don't want that now there's no resistors around this so we don't have
any risk there of any over spool at least on the CV CPU here but still I
wouldn't risk it now you use your own method to apply thermal paste here now
I'm gonna do what's called the bag method or the baggie method I just put a
little bit on the die and then I'm gonna spread it around with a plastic bag
because I found that I've had the best results doing this at least on my MSI's
you just put a little bit on there and any excess I will get rid of anyway but
not that I'm too worried about that so tiny bit here - don't overdo it and then
use a plastic bag to spread this out real thin now some people say that this
method is not good but because I got the good results on the MSI I'm gonna go
with the same method I use so you spring this out now - a nice thin easy nice
same level consistent so now I have a nice even level of thermal paste over
the GPU the die yes there's a little bit of overspill yes it's not perfect but
hey you do it perfect on your own one and since you have it open now is a good
time to add your SSD you want if you want to add an extra one and use up that
spare Bay we have then of course you go ahead and put one in set us free or even
nvme drives working it so both spec works but it must be 22 by 80 the size
of it so before we put the lid on and screw it all back in place remember to
clip the battery back in now because it has been unplugged any BIOS settings
will be undone there I don't think they're gonna be saved so it might take
a little bit longer to power on so it's clipped back in just another tip
to that when you put the case back on make sure you start with the front first
so you hold that in place there and then push in the sides and you'll find it'll
be easier to clip in okay so the five minutes of the intel stress test is just
about to finish up now and you can see that maximum temperature is 69 degrees
so really it's not worth it is it not four five degrees that's all we're going
from we're going from 70 for maximum before stock and now with my mod the
reap aced it's only dropped five degrees so really
it's not worth that effort there so I do hope to see you back in the channel with
perhaps maybe more copper heatsink mods but for these kind of results
I'm not do sure I wouldn't make this kind of effort at least not on the core
i5s or the icy ones I know on the apolar like the passively cooled ones it makes
a huge difference but in this case not enough of a difference really I feel so
I hope to see you then bye for now
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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Thermal Repaste, Results, How to Open & Add SSD

559 Folder Collection
jamesjung published on March 2, 2018
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