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Bailey, my sister has decided to get in this bear
Okay please come up here,
So what we're going to do today,
is we're going to get Cameron, we're go scare Cameron a little bit
Then we're going to scare my mom and then maybe a little later,
we're going to go to Target or Walmart,
one other two which is going to walk around,
and do some stuff in this big ass bear.
So this what we got going on right now.
Bailey has cut the back opened and hopped in,
Oh my god, there just fur everywhere.
What? What the hack!
Hi, it's Ted!
One thing y'all can't be doing is screaming out here drawing attention
while we're taking a bear out of trunk.
Come this way, turn right, turn right! Come on.
Do the Stanky leg - Your fur is coming out.
Now teach me how to Dougie.
That is too cute, I mean seriously.
Bear down! Bear down! Hold on, your stuffing,
Bailey, you can't fall back, your stuffing is gonna come out. - I can't fall?
Bear it's time to go home, you're drunk.
Oh my god.
Hold on, nice. Shut your mouth. - Oh my gosh.
I forgot how you do it.
Oh that's Bailey, - oh god. - I'm sorry.
Look it's twins,
And the twins, Jacob and the bear.
So that's going to close our time at Walmart,
We got the bear doing all types of stuff.
How was it Jacob Hasty? - It was hilarious.
It was about time to spring out of here.
So much stuffing, oh my god, no! Bailey!
It was you, it was you! It was your fault! You, just you!
Oh my god.
I guess we're just going to end this video because let me tell you,
we have a little mess to clean up
Coming home from Walmart 2 am., this is what we find,
This is not my dog, I don't know what to do with it
and I don't wanted to leave it on the side
Look at him, he's just chilling, maybe I can
For anybody who wants a dog, give me up, 'cause I got him for you.
I'm going home from Walmart, right?
And there's a thing in the middle of the road that looks like a bag,
Stop us, tumbling toys. - Oh my god you would have ended this career
I would've flattened this dog, dude.
Plus slam on my breaks, I get out of my car,
and he's just laying right next to my door, like "take me home."
I don't know what to do now, I just picked up a responsibility,
Just 'cause I wanted to take a trip to Walmart.
Jacob, you wanna a dog? - No, my dog would eat it.
- RJ. - She named it, it's already official.
I'm not keeping this dog.
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8350 Folder Collection
黃艾瑄 published on March 5, 2018    黃艾瑄 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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