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I am on a fast train heading from Munich in the south of Germany to Berlin, the new capital.
It's a six hour trip, give or take
so I have enough time to look out of the windows and contemplate.
It does not take too long to leave Munich behind and soon after, farmland after farmland appear.
The thought of flying came to me the longer the journey took
and I decided my next trip, I will be on the plane.
For now
I was happy to finally arrive.
If you are used to traditional German cities like myself,
you will find Berlin very different.
In fact, if you ask me about Berlin, I would describe it as cosmopolitan
diverse, and not typical German at all.
One of the main tourist attractions here is the Berlin Wall.
It stretches quite a bit and is considered a major landmark in the recent German politics.
There's always something new here to discover;
unlike other German cities, the diversity here is apparent.
As the capital city of Germany,
politics is a focal point
and wherever you look, you'll see a little bit of it.
Berlin is full of history.
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Berlin, Germany

6174 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on September 1, 2013    綾羅飄起 translated    Angel Cheng reviewed
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