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hi I'm Joel, I'm Lia and I'm Lucy! And this is not CBBC. it's really nice to be out of
London because I think people

that live in London well we will love it
but secretly we're like "oh I just love

getting away from London a bit" yeah
do you find that? I am glad I lived in

London for three years but I don't miss London
but I'm glad I've got a job where I can

go back into London yeah regularly
otherwise I would miss it but I do not miss

living there yeah because you pay so
much for so little

yeah it's true so you know here I pay
basically a little bit more than what I

paid in London yeah really nice flat on
my own, in London I literally shared with

four people, we shared a bathroom. Joel can't wait to live by himself. I cannot wait to live by myself. Like, it's literally
as soon as I've done that I'll be - I think that's my benchmark of like "I'll be happy when..."
...I can live by myself. that's what I thought but I don't like living alone. I have to because of work, well
now I'm moving in with my boyfriend but

when I first moved here I was like ah
this is great, I do what I want, no one's gunna knock on

my door and then I realised, NO ONE KNOCKS ON MY DOOR! It's really sad! I have to cook for myself! Just think
how much fun we would have had though if all

three of us lived in the same building, I thought you were gunna say if we all lived here Luce, in your flat! Let's share a bed all three of us! I would have actually quite liked that. We had a sleep over last night and Joel
and I got the giggles from our room and
I felt really bad I was like Joel can

you stop laughing so loudly because Lucy's
in the other room and she probably

thinks we're joking about and that she's
left out I had like a glass by the wall, like "haha yeah that one was really funny Lia!". You know when you just get hysterical

you just get the giggles like we were
all really tired

Lia especially and then suddenly in bed
she just came alive and she was like

cracking these jokes it was early, wasn't it! Lucy's
like those weaklings early nights
but what time did you wake up okay so

this was really complicated this morning
so I couldn't find my charger and so I

was in this room I couldn't go in to get
my charger because you were in there but I

had to work out what time it was because
you said between 8:00 and 9:00

and so I think there must have been
awake at half five like "I wonder if it's 8am now?". But then I tiptoed around and I managed to switch on my laptop at 6.30! But no it wasn't bad I then got back into my little bubble of air that I'd warmed up.

can you explain that! I like have a duck feather or
goose feather duvet that I can like make

a tent around my body and then my
body heats up this bubble of air and I

just like marinate in it. Well at least you didn't get Dutch Ovened by Joel! I was gonna say has
anyone ever had that dream with kind of

what we're trying to do to be that
digital nomad that is able to live and work

remotely all over the world have you
ever thought about that for yourself

well I was gonna move to Spain and I
was kind of thinking I can kind of go

where I want but actually stability
is really important to me

yeah and I think you can be a digital
nomad you know digital entrepreneur like

going everywhere but I think you would
miss out on a lot of opportunities and you'd have to

say no to so many things yeah yeah
it's just nice having a permanent base

in England yeah near London. I just
love furniture oh my gosh I was just

about to say can't wait to help you furnish
your new home but I don't even hang out

with you that much "I'm coming to the village and I'm helping you furnish!". If you see anything made of wood, I love wood,
you're really into the wood and these crates are
really really cool, Lucy's got

these like old, are they old? or are they like a fake old? no
they are not fake old! They are legit! They are old old!
crates for wine and beer bottles which I
love which was so full before you came

over. I had to chuck them all away.
can you see yourself like living
anywhere else Joel in the world? yeah in

a way I would miss my family too much I
think I don't think I could ever move

away really and Oscar. I know
but he won't be like.... *gasp* it's morbid but he

won't be around that much longer. JOEL! yeah I know, it makes me really sad but like I wouldn't plan my whole
life around Oscar no matter how much I
love him! How old is Oscar? Five. Oh that's young! Yeah so he's got like

six seven eight years hopefully left. Oh it's so awful when you say it like that, they're around for just a blink, aren't they! So sad. This is meant to be like a fun chat! Anyway, I would like to move to LA or New York or Australia I'd love to move to like
Melbourne in Australia. so an
english-speaking country? oh yeah I could

never move somewhere that doesn't speak
English just because I'm so bad with acce- not accents

I'm really good at accents! I'm really bad with languages and that would just stress
me out too much fair enough yeah if I

had to move it would be somewhere
Spanish-speaking yeah is that to do with

just oh I was gonna say is that anything
to do with the weather

where you go? oh yeah I definitely want the weather to be nicer than here but I
love speaking in Spanish I love it I
enjoy it so much so yeah it was actually

really hard to leave Spain really hard I
always thought that I'd go back there, you know, marry a Spaniard and just be in Spanish the whole time. But farms are fine too. There's no one to hear when I speak in Spanish so that's fine...

Do you need to practice? Do you find yourself like getting worse
if you don't practice? I have quite a few Spanish friends

that I'm in contact with quite a lot. And I pop over there three or
four times a year but yeah definitely the

first day back in Spain I'm always like *stumbling over spanish*
Me and Joel in France: *rubbish French*
When did you go to France? No that was just improvised. Teacher improv!
I keep thinking
about the farm and this story that Lucy

told us yesterday about these
noise-canceling headphones that you got Will! It's the funniest

story we have to tell you. It's so annoying! can you tell it?
I bought Will - Will has to do

lots of pressure washing of bird cages
and it takes hours and it's cold and

it's loud, so I bought him some noise
canceling wireless headphones so he could

listen to music and
audiobooks whilst he's doing it and they

are the most annoying things I've ever
had in my life because he has them on

comes in and is like sitting on the
sofa and I'll be like "WILL! WILL!" and he'll just be sat there like, listening to his music and I'll be like "WILL!" and he'll be like "what? have you been saying something?" and I'll be there like *gasping for air*

it is SO annoying! I literally can't handle them. It's like the birds out there earlier "RYAN!". There was this crow that sounded like it was shouting RYAN!
And we were laughing and struggling to film. We were trying to keep a straight face with this bird shouting RYAN!
So thanks for watching this was a little catch-up with our bezzie Luce!
aw thank you guys, i think we'll market this as listening practice
so yeah if anyone wants to improve on their listening

then we're all speaking quite slowly. No we're not. Not really. This is advanced conversation practice! if you
like this video thank you so much

if you liked this video we did too! you're

you may have already seen that we've
done a video over on Lucy's channel and

we filmed a nice lovely modern RP
accent tutorial on our channel and this

is just a little bit bonus footage if
any of you are interested. Lucky you! but don't forget

to hop on over to Lucy's channel and do
all the things you know yeah leave the blonde emoji if you did.

Anyway we'll see you next time Bye! Do the Lucy kiss, I didn't do it with both
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Living Alone & Moving Abroad | Teatime with English with Lucy!

509 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on February 23, 2018
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