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On Saturday, president Trump celebrated his first year in office.
It's been almost a year since his inauguration.
Even though it seems like, it's like dog years
It seems like so many more.
President Trump's approval rating,
according to the polls that were released today is at 37%, which isn't great.
But that was the poll of adults.
I wanna see what kids thought of his first year in office.
So we stopped children out on the street.
And asked them how is the president doing.
And their answers went exactly like this.
How do you think Trump has done in his first year in office?
What do you think he's done that's so great?
To save the world.
He saved the world?
From what?
From harmony.
Do you think Donald Trump has done a good job in his first year as president?
Why not?
Because he wants to put a wall over Mexico.
And I like, love going to Mexico.
What's the first thing you think of when I say Donald Trump?
Small fingers, and orange face.
What's the worst thing he has done?
Um, I think he needs to stop threatening North Korea.
Because I don't wanna get nuked.
What's the first thing you think of when you hear Donald Trump?
Pictures of what?
Of princesses.
Do you think he's smart?
Why not?
He treats people badly and that's why I don't think he's smart.
What's one nice thing you can say about Donald Trump?
He has kind of cool hair, I think.
He has cool hair?
Whose hair is cooler?
His or yours?
Donald Trump has a lot of nicknames for people like crooked Hillary, rocket man.
Do you have a nickname for him?
Um, poop face.
Mr tiny hands.
Can you do an impression of him?
It's gonna be great.
We are gonna build a wall, and it will be huge.
I will build a wall, a big one.
China, China, China.
Here's paper towels.
Can you do an impression on the president for us?
You're fired!
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We Ask Kids How Trump is Doing

16847 Folder Collection
Carol Chen published on March 8, 2018    Carol Chen translated    Sally Hsu reviewed
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