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  • Your mission...

  • should you choose to accept it

  • I wonder...

  • did you ever choose not to?

  • The end you always feared is coming.

  • And the blood will be on your hands.

  • The fallout of all your good intentions.

  • Imagine Dragons - Friction

  • You had a terrible choice to make in Berlin: one life over millions.

  • And now the world is at risk.

  • This is the CIA's mission. If he had held on to the plutonium, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

  • This team would be dead.

  • Yes. They would. That's the job.

  • Get down with the victims

  • We both know you need them

  • You're stuck in the middle

  • of all irrelevance

  • You don't understand what you're involved in.

  • You need to walk away.

  • Please don't make me go through you.

  • How many times has Hunts' governments betrayed him?

  • Disavowed him, cast him aside?

  • How long before a man like that...

  • ...has had enough?

  • You can't fight the friction (so ease it off) ♪

  • Can't take the pressure (so ease it off) ♪

  • Ethan, that's not who we are.

  • Maybe we need to reconsider that.

  • You can't fight the friction

  • So, how is he?

  • Oh, you know. Same old Ethan.

  • What the hell is he doing?

  • I find it best not to look!

Your mission...

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