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We're together.
Yes, we're dating.
And it's going really bad.
But we don't want to all our friends to know that we are really sad.
I want to stick it tothose bitches.
Pam and Kimberly from work.
If my mom finds out we're splitting, she will be a real jerk.
We both seem pretty sad, but I don't want our friends to know.
You're right you stupid dummy, so let's go put on a show.
Let's post some sappy captions and some photos on the town.
Maybe then our pals will think that we're filled with smiles instead of frowns.
He's the best!
She's the one!
So impressed!
Having fun!
When it comes to happy couples, we are couple number one.
Our mission is accomplished.
We faked another day.
And now we're filled with pain, we'd rather stuff it all away.
I think we nailed it.
Shut up
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The Failing Couples Of Facebook

16273 Folder Collection
Cyndi published on May 11, 2018    Cyndi translated    Evangeline reviewed
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