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Apple has something new and slightly terrifying on the way.
Soon you will be able to track all your medical information on your iPhone.
Apple is like: "Look, we already know all this stuff.
We are just asking your permission to put it on your phone."
The idea is to help people automatically keep track of their medical history,
and also to let the guy at the genius bar know you have herpes.
But, part of me likes the idea because I like the idea of of tracking my medical history.
Part of me doesn't, because it seems a little bit...
I mean imagine, imagine what it would be like if Siri was your doctor.
Hey Siri.
What can I help you with?
Thanks for seeing me, I've been a little under the weather.
The weather in Los Angeles is
- currently clear skies with zero percent chance of rain. - No, no, no.
- The temperature is... - I'm saying, Siri I don't feel well.
I have a pain in my side.
You're concerned about penis size.
I found several pills that can help.
Not... Yeah a little but I'm not...
I have a pain, what I'm asking about I have a pain right here.
It hurts when I press it.
Prostate. Got it.
- Remove your pants and bend over the table. - No, no, no, no...
I'm pretty sure this pain has absolutely nothing to do with my prostate.
Okay. Prostitutes.
I found five prostitutes in your area.
Tap one to call.
No. You know what I'm not... I don't want to call any of them.
Can you just give me something for the pain?
Maybe, uh, Aspirin or some Tylenol.
Okay, Tide Pods.
No. It's... Tylenol.
- Can I help you with anything else? - No... these will be fine.
Thank you Siri. Thank you for the Tide Pods.
Thank you Siri. I'm just going to stay here. Alright.
I don't know why. Don't know why I feel like...
You've just walked in on a Lily Tomlin sketch.
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What if Siri Was Your Doctor?

8490 Folder Collection
kiki published on February 18, 2018    Stephanie translated    reviewed
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