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Are we going?
Yeah, we're going and we're waiting for you, Kylie.
Right there.
It's gonna be okay.
- Oh - Here you go!
Waiting for you!
Oh my god, Kristen, she's beautiful! - Yeah.
Look at her guys! Look at her!
Look at her! - Hello, sweety.
Whatever your name is going to be, this is how I found out about you.
Your mother and I were living our lives,
having fun as she met your father,
and they just hit it off. Chemistry!
Come on, come on. Seriously come on!
One day, I was in your mom's bathroom with her and she took a little test.
We're sitting at, - We're sitting in a tub... - Yeah.
You were sitting on the tub, I was standing by the counter.
And then how did she say it though?
Then she passed it to me after like surprised.
Like if she just looked at me weird,
and I'm like "what?" - Oh.
And I didn't know that's what she was doing,
so when she passed it to me, I was like...
She was liked... - She look at..
She gave us a look!
Look at this!
I was like "NOOO, this is a baby!"
Hi! - Hey guys.
You're 15 weeks now.
Is she moving? - Yeah.
Oh look!
This is so crazy.
You have five fingers.
Thank you so much!
When you're 20 years old, you're just figuring out your life.
You don't know know what you want.
You're indecisive teenager, you're just becoming a young adult.
And there was one thing that your mom knew for sure,
and that was you.
Do you hear those things, those bugs? - No!
Should I do anything else?
More to the side.
She said I have something to tell you,
and I said you're right.
Obviously I started to crying.
I was so happy. I was proud of her.
I knew this is what she wanted ever since she turned 15.
Look at my baby!
Here's another one.
We counted all our toes today,
she has five.
How're you doing mom? How you doing? You're looking good?
Sure! - Oh my god, look at that.
We just got that today, it's 25 weeks.
I'm so excited! Oh my god.
She'd always said how much she wants to be a mom and
Right? She only wanted to be a mom - She's like...
She was born to be a mom.
I mean and that's the thing is is
I know it's like... I still get chills.
So wait, what? 20 to what? -20 pounds you've gained
No, I mean for the whole thing. - 28 to 35.
So yeah, eight more pounds.
Do cardio, will you?
If you're gonna eat, you need to exercise. - It's just cleaning out these days.
Literally tastes like, - Oh
- It's the best thing I ever had. - Can I tell you something before you eat it?
No, don't tell me.
Double cheeseburger and fries well done please.
Do I want cheese fries today? No, no I'm good, right?
Do you have cheese fries ? - Kylie, you want cheese fries?
Oh my god.
Should we close the window? - Yeah. that's when we can fast eat them all up
So this is baby's heart.
This is like the four chambers of the heart. - Oh, I see it.
Can we hear the heartbeat? - Yes.
146 pounds
Here's your grandbaby. - Isn't that cute?
Do you have any messages to the baby?
I can't wait just like meet you. What if she's like anti makeup? - I mean I...
Or she's like, girl , like she can be her face like age five. - She's like carving out the brow
I love you and love your mom and she's gonna take amazing care of.
I'm gonna cry. She's gonna take amazing care of you,
and you're one lucky girl to be able to call Kylie "Mom."
Me and Heather and... - This is so cute.
We used to talk about this, this is a joke, two years ago.
I was like,"Heather, your next baby wait for me"
Oh that's so amazing. Hold on.
So I'm 34 weeks today, only about a month left.
What we got here? - Two burgers, one for me, one for the baby.
and two different fries, cause I like regular fries,
she really like potato fries, and I got a macaroni and cheese, greens.
Oh, - Like a sample. - It's so cute.
She's looks so completely different.
She's so little.
Did you figure out the name? - I think we gonna go "Chicago"
That's cute.
I need to school you on what your vagina's about to be feel like, like for real.
I actually don't wanna know.
Do you have any message to your granddaughter?
You've got the best mom,
and you're so lucky this is such a blessing, it's gonna be the most amazing journey.
I can't wait to see you, meet you, kiss you, love you.
Teach you things that maybe only I can teach you.
and your mom can teach you the things she can teach you.
So it definitely takes a village,
and I learned that along the way.
Kendall's here on the phone. - Hey!
Khloe's here and mom. - Wait, a little unfocused. Hold on.
And go.
Yes, good job,
Nine, ten, and take a breath.
One more, and you're done.
Give it all you have and you will be out of here.
You're ready?
You can do this, Kylie, - Hold it till ten,
Six, seven, eight, nine...open your eyes
Open your eyes.
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To Our Daughter

2994 Folder Collection
黃艾瑄 published on February 14, 2018    黃艾瑄 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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