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Puppy Predictors!
Welcome to the Puppy Predictors Super Bowl LII Edition.
Here's how it works.
We have 11 puppies, we have two bowls of kibble,
one representing the New England Patriots,
the other representing the Philadelphia Eagles.
Whichever team's bowl gets the most puppies
will be crowned the Super Bowl champs.
...let's meet the puppies.
Come and get it.
Hi, guys.
Uh, guys, we have Ron Bell, Kyle McAdams, Mary Kennedy,
Ted Mooney, Donna Braylon, Peter Winston, Roger Blain,
Lisa Armstrong, Bruce Devins, Angie Griffin and Gary Frick Jr.
...listen up.
Before we release you, okay, I want no, uh --
I want no whining, no -- no butt sniffing,
no colluding.
Uh, Gary -- Gary Frick Jr., get over here.
Gary, pay attention. Gary!
Pay atten-- Yes, very good.
Now, look, you guys ready to do this
and see who are gonna be the Super Bowl champs?
All right, here we go.
Release the puppies.
Ooh, it's a tight...
Oh, looks like a landslide!
The New England Patriots are the Super Bowl champs!
Come on.
The New England Patriots will be crowned the Super Bowl champs.
Enjoy the game, everybody.
We'll be right back with Katie Couric. Stick around.
Puppy Predictors
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Puppies Predict the Winner of Super Bowl LII

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Stephanie published on February 17, 2018    Stephanie translated    jenny reviewed
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