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Hello everyone, I am Niharika and in today's lesson, we are going to talk about music.
We all love listening to music and in fact every one of us appreciates music, right?
Well because it is an universal language. Of course in English, we talk about music when
we meet people, when we are trying to get to know someone better. Music is a great topic
to talk about. So in today's lesson I have some vocabulary for you that will help you
to talk about music, right?
So here I have some types of music, well also
called as genre of music. Now many people pronounce this word in a very different way.
So the correct pronunciation is genre, the genre of music means the type of music. Ok,
so these are some types of genre of music that people listen to. The first one is Jazz.
Do you like Jazz? Well Jazz music is a form of music that is rooted from the western African
culture. Interesting, right? So of you do enjoy Jazz music, then now you know where
it comes from, where the origin is. The next one is pop. Now well Pop is well
popular music in general, so it is just basically popular music. So Pop songs like the ones
that you hear on the radio, it is all popular music that you listen to, right? So that is
Pop songs or Pop music. Then we have rock. Now Rock is also a type
of popular music, but it has evolved from rock and roll and pop music. So it has evolved
from rock and roll and pop music, okay? Then we have retro. Well, Retro, many people
really enjoy this type of music, especially my parents because it has the style and the
elements from the past. So people really enjoy retro music a lot. Well, at times retro music
is fun to dance on also. So, there are in fact in my city, there are specific clubs,
where in you know on specific days, they just play retro music and you should see the crowd.
They have so much fun listening and dancing to Retro music. So, Retro music has the elements
and the melody style from the past, okay? And then let's have a look at the next one,
heavy metal. Ooh now heavy metal is a type of Rock music. But even the lyrics and the
performance are very much associated with aggression. So, it is just too loud and too
heavy especially on your ears. So, if you enjoy heavy metal, so probably your favourite
bands are Metallica and Megadeth. So, those are the musical bands that play heavy metal.
So if you enjoy it, well that is wonderful. So people who don't know what heavy metal
is. It is a type of rock music but it is extremely loud and of course the lyrics and the performances
are associated with aggression. So I'm just going to say, type of music here or type of
rock music, okay? The next one is hip hop. Well Hip hop well
belongs to Afro- Americans. It is a very young beat music. Especially it is based on rap
culture. You know people love to rap, I'm awful in it, so I'm not even going to try
it. But Hip hop is based on rap and break dance. Okay, so now a days people are also
into Hip hop dancing, so it is actually break dance. So many youngsters, especially Afro-Americans
who get into Hip hop music who are great at rap. So they are called as rappers also. So
it is based on rap and break dance, okay?
And then we have Romantic. Well of course if you are in love, then yes I'm sure while
driving, even when you are having a cup of coffee at home, you want to listen to romantic
numbers. So, Romantic numbers are lovely songs that have very nice melodies and the music
is very light and it's kind of, you feel great listening to it. Again you kind of fall in
love with your loved ones. Right, so that is Romantic music. So if you are feeling a
little romantic, go ahead listen to these songs, right?
And then the last one is Ambient. Now Ambient is again very soothing music, which is very
much related to atmosphere and environment. Interesting right? So it is very light and
kind of calms you down especially if you are going through a bad time and you are kind
of depressed, then Ambient music is just perfect for your ears. So, go ahead may be you can
downloads some Ambient songs and listen to them and feel better.
Okay so these are the types of music and now we are going to look at some effects of music
and also how to talk about good music and how to talk about bad music.
Now music plays a big part in our lives, right? So sometimes we listen to good music and sometimes
it is just terrible. So, when you listen to good music, what are the English phrases that
you can use, well let's have a look. That sounds great! Simple, when you listen
to good music, be it in radio or on TV or if someone is probably playing a musical instrument,
then you could just say, "Oh its sounds great!" Okay and please have that expression and that
energy in your voice, so that the person feels good.
The next one is " I like the beat" Okay, now I like the beat so when song has a good rhythm
then yes this is a perfect phrase that you can use, "Oh Wow I like the beats." So some
song which has a great rhythm, good voice and everything is just perfect, then you can
use this phrase. The third one, "It has a pleasing melody."
Now if the arrangement of sounds is very well done, then yes you can use this phrase. It
has a pleasing melody, soft on your ears and you are enjoying the music, then you can use
this phrase, okay? So appreciate music because that is important.
Now, of course as I said before, that not always you enjoy listening to music or probably
the music is really terrible, so what phrases can you use are right here.
That sounds awful, so probably your friend said that, "Hey, did you hear the new song
or did you listen to the new song? That sounds awful, yes I did and probably you didn't like
it. So use it. The next one, it makes my ears hurt, so probably there is no rhythm, no melody,
ok the settings of the sounds are just awful and it kind of hurts your ears. You just can't
listen to this music anymore, okay, then you can use this phrase, " Uh it is awful it makes
my ears hurt, stop it." Okay? Then the third phrase, “that is too much
of noise than music. Now music is music when there is good sound okay and good rhythm,
good melody, okay but noise is something that disturbs you, right? Too much of noise. That
is when music is noise and not really music. So use this phrase, “That is too much of
noise than music." It is just terrible in simple words.
Now as I said music does a lot of things for us like to our body, to our soul. Now to talk
about music to people or the effects of music, these are certain words that you can use.
So you can say music, oh well it heals. It heals my depression, it calms down. So probably
when you are in a bad mood, I'm sorry, You listen to good music, right? so that kind
of sets your mood in and you know start feeling good and a little positive. So it heals or
it calms you down, okay. Then, it stirs my imagination. You know many writers or many
people even like to do their office jobs by listening to music. They would always have
headphones in their ears and they kind of enjoy listening to music when doing their
daily activities .Especially me, I always have my headphones in my ears when I'm cooking
so it kind of stirs my imagination, so you feel very positive. So, that is how you can
talk about the effects of music. The last one is, "it's rejuvenating" which
means you feel a lot younger. So you know when you listen to good music, it just lifts
up your spirits, so that is how you can talk about music.
Ok, so this brings me to the end of this lesson, hope these phrases are useful to you and also
the types of music that we discussed. Use them in your vocabulary and in your daily
conversations, would be definitely helpful, right? I'll be back with a new lesson. You
take care and have a great day.
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English conversation about Music

624 Folder Collection
Caurora published on February 7, 2018
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