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You've been there,
you're about to buy lunch
and realize your wallet is in your other pants,
or maybe you've left your keys at home.
The problem is organization:
you need one place for everything
like a magic pocket.
Putting something into the magic pocket
means it's always there,
no matter what you wear or where you are.
The same thing is true for computers:
if you have more than one
keeping track of all your files can be a pain.
Solving this problem is one of the big ideas behind Dropbox.
It's like a magic pocket:
a single, secure place for all of your stuff.
Let's meet Josh, who's preparing for a big trip to Africa.
Right now, all of his trip info is spread accross his
laptop, deskop and phone.
He needs to consolidate it all
and is tired to having email files to himself
or move them around with a USB drive.
Then he found Dropbox
which creates a new kind of folder on his computers.
These folders were ... to be exactly alike,
even accross Macs and PCs.
By adding his itinerary to his laptop Dropbox
he can be sure that the same file
will show up on his desktop Dropbox
and even on his phone.
The same thing happens when he saves the document in a Dropbox folder:
the document gets updated accross all of his Dropboxes.
But it's not just his computers:
the Dropbox web site also works
to be exactly like his other Dropboxes.
Anything he puts in Dropbox
is available on the web site, automatically.
This ways if his jeep takes a dive,
and his computer is ruined,
he can still get to his files on the Dropbox web site,
where they are always backed up.
As it turns out, Josh's safari was a success
and his laptop made home with lots of videos
and photos to share.
Instead of emailing everything,
he just shared a Dropbox folder with his mum,
so she can get copies of photos
she wants to frame.
Because it works so well for travel,
Josh made Dropbox the home for all of his stuff,
so it's accessible any time
wherever he goes.
Whether you are travelling the world,
running a business,
or simply organizing your life,
Dropbox means you can stop worrying about managing files and backups
and get on with your next adventure.
You can download Dropbox now
at getdropbox.com
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What is Dropbox? (Cloud Storage)

4921 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on August 24, 2013    Yvonne translated    James reviewed
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