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  • Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin!

  • What if you could create a new, maybe even better continent?

  • Cambridge Dictionary defines a continent asone of the seven large land masses on the

  • Earth's surface, surrounded or mainly surrounded by sea.”

  • Generally, most people are taught that there are 7 continents - Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica,

  • North America, South America and Australia.

  • Not all cultures agree on what defines a continent.

  • And surprisingly, scientists don't either.

  • Even NASA says that there's no single, agreed upon, scientific classification for what makes

  • a land mass a continent.

  • There's no set square milage, no required population, nothing.

  • With the definition of a continent being super murky, building a hypothetical landmass and

  • getting it classified as a continent could be a struggle and may eventually come down

  • to convincing governing geographical bodies and society.

  • If Greenland, at almost 1 million sq miles, isn't a continent, your landmass would probably

  • need to be huge.

  • But what about actually constructing this continent?

  • How on earth would that work?

  • First things first, you would need to find a spot to build in international waters, meaning

  • that part of the world is not claimed by anyone else.

  • You'd need to be at least 200 miles from any existing country's territorial sea baseline,

  • outside their Exclusive Economic Zones.

  • It should come as no surprise that you'd want to pick a fairly shallow spot since you'd

  • have to fill down to the ocean floor.

  • Once you found your spot, you'd need materials and a ship ton of money.

  • Pun intended.

  • The project to build the World Islands in Dubai required over $25 billion before the

  • project was even finished.

  • And those islands only total 20 square miles and are right on the shallow shoreline!

  • In the middle of the ocean, with more square milage, your hypothetical continent would

  • cost a lot more.

  • Using those rates, it'd cost quadrillions and quadrillions of dollars.

  • You'd need to start construction by creating the base of your landmass, piling sand directly

  • onto the seafloor or even a reef.

  • This sand could either be brought in on a ship or you could use a sea dredging ship

  • to dig up sand from the sea floor and reuse that.

  • Then a super thick layer of rocks would be laid on top of that sand.

  • And finally, cement would be added to top it all off.

  • There you have it!

  • Your very own island!

  • Now the real battle to become more than just a measly island begins; getting it recognized

  • as a continent with geographers, the scientific community and the public.

  • With such a vague definition, this part may be tough but having a large landmass that

  • stands out from other continents should help your case.

  • While humans haven't yet built their own continent, they have created artificial islands,

  • like Dubai's World Islands and Palm Islands.[16] Another amazing human feat is

  • the island of Flevopolder in the Netherlands.

  • It was created by sectioning off an area of a bay and draining the water out over the

  • course of decades, revealing open land to build on.

  • Small artificial islands are nothing new.

  • They're created all over for uses like military bases, airports and even bird sanctuaries.

  • But they're often built in shallow water already owned by a territory, which is what

  • makes these builds quite a bit easier.

  • Building your own continent sounds insanely expensive, very labor intensive and could

  • start a huge cultural debate, but we believe in you.

  • We'd support your hypothetical continent.

  • What part of the world would you want to build your continent?

  • Let us know in the comments.

Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin!

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What If We Made A New Continent?

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