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I would love to tell you all
how to vote in the upcoming election,

but I know that if I say anything,
even with a lot of reasons behind it,
there's going to be
a lot of pushback.

You know, "How dare you tell me
to do anything?"

"You're not the Atheist Pope!"
Okay, fine.

But then let me just lay out for you
some reasons why I,

as an atheist who cares about
issues related to atheism,

cannot possibly vote for Donald Trump
in the upcoming election,

despite what some other youtubers
may tell you to do.

I care about science.
I don't want someone in the White House
who denies climate change

or thinks it's a hoax
perpetrated by the Chinese.

I don't want a vice president who
denied climate change for so long.

I don't want a vice president
who still doesn't accept evolution.

I don't want a president who
couldn't even explain evolution.

I don't want a president who believes
this conspiracy that vaccines cause autism,

because there's no
support for that whatsoever,

and I don't want someone
who gave $10,000 from his
personal foundation
to Jenny McCarthy's
anti-vaccination group.

I care about church-state

I don't want a president who thinks
the Religious Right is persecuted,

you know, as if Christians are the ones
who really have it tough in the United States.

I don't want a president who threatens
to repeal the Johnson Amendment,

which prevents pastors from
endorsing candidates from the pulpit

without losing their tax-exemption.
I don't want a president who
seems to think all Muslims
might be in cahoots
with the terrorists

and wants to take away
their civil liberties as a result.

I don't want a president
who thinks

forcing employees to say "Merry Christmas",
instead of "Happy Holidays",

will solve more problems
than it creates.

I don't want someone who thinks
there really is some war on Christmas.

I don't want a president
whose proposed Supreme Court nominees
are hell-bent on
merging Christianity

with the government.
As an atheist,
I care about LGBT issues
because they are directly threatened
by conservative Christians.

And Trump wants to put those
Christians in positions of power

so they can undo all the progress
we've made over the past decade.

I don't want someone who
still, in 2016,
opposes marriage equality,

and Trump does, no matter how much he thinks
he's a friend to the gay community.

I don't want a president to tell transgender people
where they can and can't go to the bathroom.

I don't want a vice president
who tells Christian business owners

they have a special right
to discriminate against gay customers,

which is exactly
what he did in Indiana.

Or a president who thinks Kim Davis
had every right to deny gay couples
their marriage licenses

in her Kentucky County.
I care about women's rights since it's usually
conservative Christians who opposed them.

And I don't want a president who thinks
women who have abortions deserve to be punished.

I don't want a president who wants
to defund Planned Parenthood

just because they provide abortion services in addition
to all the other amazing things that they also do.

I don't want a president
who can't tell fact from fiction and seems
to believe anything someone tells him on Twitter.

If I wanted to hear people
whose best evidence for their beliefs was,

"Well, some people have said..."
then I'd go to church".
Now, maybe you're hearing all this
and you're just rolling your eyes.

You know, you're thinking,
"Okay, Trump is bad, but you're not
giving me any reasons to vote

for Hillary Clinton."
Here it is:
She's not perfect,
but she's on the right side of every single one
of those issues I just mentioned.

That's why she's getting my vote and
that's why I'm going to be proud as hell to cast it.

And if you feel differently,
then, by all means,
I can't wait to read your comments below,

all about why science, and church-state separation,
and LGBT rights, and women's rights

don't matter to you.
Donald Trump is a man
with no ideas

who surrounds himself with people
who have bad ideas.

He would be a disaster
for anyone who cares
about evidence and reason,

and is worried about the encroachment
of religion into our politics.

And if you believe he's just
playing the part

and he doesn't really believe
any of these things that he's saying,

well just take a look at
who he's surrounding himself with.

I mean, the people pulling
the puppet strings

are conservative Christians.
I don't know how you could look at
the two major party candidates

and then say,
"Nah, they're both basically the same".
They're not.
Anyone who tells you that
is just ignorant.

I know it sounds smart when you say,
"Both major parties are equally bad,

but in their own ways". You know,
it makes it sound like you're above it all.

You're not.
And by the way, I'm not saying
Democrats are perfect on all of these issues.

Just to name one example,
President Obama still allows religious
organizations to receive taxpayer money

to perform certain services
while discriminating in their hiring.
That's not okay either, and Hillary Clinton
has not said she would put a stop to that.

But, by and large,
one candidate is clearly better
on the issues that matter to me
as an atheist.

Now, there are plenty
of other issues

you should also consider when
you're thinking about who to vote for.

These are not the only ones
that matter.

Those other issues I mentioned
are no less important than the ones
I just mentioned.

This is just a starting point.
And for those of you who are thinking
about supporting a third-party candidate,

like Gary Johnson,
or Dr. Jill Stein,

I'll just say this:
I don't think either one of them
is qualified to be president.

Gary Johnson doesn't seem to know anything
about the world beyond the United States,

and Jill Stein doesn't seem to know
anything about governance,

or science, which
is a little weird
considering she's a doctor.

But if you live in a state
where this election is still up for grabs,

I don't know how your supposedly
principal vote is going to help anybody

when Donald Trump wins all
the electoral votes in your state.

Your protest vote is adorable.
I mean, I'm glad
your life is so great

that your life won't be affected
if Donald Trump gets into the White House.

But please,
go talk to somebody who lived in Florida
in the year 2000 and voted for Ralph Nader,
instead of Al Gore.

Go see how proud they are of that vote now,
after 8 years of George W. Bush,

when they had the opportunity
to make a difference.

It's cliché,
but don't let the perfect
be the enemy of the good here.

There is way too much
at stake here,

especially if you're an atheist
who fights against religion in politics.

There are so many
good people out there,

including, I'm guessing,
many of you watching this video,

who stand to lose so much
if Donald Trump
wins the election.

Please do your part to prevent that
from happening.

And then, share this video
and get your friends to do the same thing.

My name is Hemant Mehta
and I write at

What do you want to see
a video about?

Let us know in the comments below
and we'll be sure to check it out.

And don't forget to subscribe.
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Why I, as an atheist, can't vote for Donald Trump

47 Folder Collection
Caurora published on February 3, 2018
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