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- This is like homophobic bachelorette.
This is horrible.
- [Interviewer] What's your name
and what do you do for a living?
- My name's Kimmy and I'm a student.
- My name's Carlos, I make custom pet apparel.
- [Interviewer] Are you nervous about today?
- Absolutely, I have no idea what's going on.
I can feel my temperature raising.
- [Interviewer] Do you ever label people?
- I try not to, but I'm sure I probably do it subconsciously.
- Label people?
Yes, sometimes.
- Keep an open mind that way.
You never know what you're going to see on the street.
- [Interviewer] Well today, you're going to be doing some labeling.
- Okay.
- [Interviewer] We're gonna bring individuals out
and you're gonna try and guess their sexual orientation.
- Okay.
- Oh sh-
- This is actually gonna be interesting.
- [Interviewer] And those are your different options, yes.
- Man.
- [Interviewer] Alright, who's first?
- Ya good man?
- Yeah.
Oh, you did the fist bump, okay.
Okay my brotha.
- Okay, so I know he's not a lesbian.
Queer femme, no.
Asexual, he might be.
- You actually might not even be from this country.
(both laugh)
I think I nailed it judging by his expression.
- Why do you keep your phone on your hip?
- It's just my style.
- That's your, hey, that's your style.
Okay that helps.
- I feel like the aesthetic is really put together.
Oh man.
- Do you know Cher?
- No, I don't know her.
- Oh you might be straight.
That was a big clue right there.
- You like dancin'?
- Yeah, I like dancin', yeah.
- What do you do at the club?
- I be good, good, good, good, good.
- Okay, I think I have my.
- [Interviewer] What, just from that?
- I think he's a straight male.
- I'll say bi.
- Giving everything, I'm gonna give him bisexual.
This is what I'm gonna label you.
- [Interviewer] Why?
- You're way too clean cut to be straight.
(laughs) And if you are,
I'm sorry for hurtin' your feelin's.
- Hello. - Hi.
- Pretty chill you know.
(both laugh)
- She looks like could be somebody's mom.
- Maybe a nice country girl.
- Just homegrown, she probably grew up on a farm.
Did you grow up on a farm?
No? (both laugh)
- Would you walk and strike a pose please?
- Okay. (laughs)
- Definitely a lesbian.
Most girls if you said strike a pose,
they would've been like, ah, ah, yeah.
- Yeah, I kinda get queer vibes.
Yeah, the queer vibes are extending out.
- Heterosexual.
- She's straight, trust me on this, okay?
She looked me in my eyes, she like dudes.
- I hope I'm not offending these people.
'Cause I couldn't stand there all day and get judged.
- Let's see.
- Hmm.
- What do you like to do?
- I like to cook, like to hang out with people.
- Okay, her voice kind of sounded lesbian,
if that even is a thing that I can say.
- She is a straight female.
- I wanna go queer.
- [Interviewer] Alright.
- Okay.
- Well how are you?
- I'm good how are you? - That's great!
I'm Lance.
- You look terrific.
- She smells really good.
- Where are you from?
- From Thailand.
- How long have you been in the States?
- 16 years.
- Can you sing us your favorite song?
- ♫ Rah rah ah ah ah.
(laughs) ♫ Roma roma ma.
- [Interviewer] Can you strut around him?
- Walk around him?
- Uh-huh.
- Woah this turned into a whole new...
(all laugh)
- Do I have transsexual?
You could be a guy, but I don't think so.
- She screams straight woman, you know.
Just getting glammed up, definitely the way she roared out Lady Gaga.
- Yeah, she's straight. (laughs)
- [Interviewer] Why do you think that?
- Because...
- No matter what you identify as, I'm gonna give you straight.
- Okay. - Are you sure?
(crew laughs)
- Yeah, I'm positive. - Okay.
- Hi.
- The Jordan emblem kinda popped out at me.
- Do you know who Bette Davis is?
- No.
- Do you know who Barbra Streisand is?
(crew laughs)
Do you know who Bette Midler is?
- No.
- Another straight one.
- [Interviewer] Why?
- He's straight.
(all laugh)
- How are you? - Good how are you?
- Good thank you.
- What's your favorite sport?
- Baseball.
- What's your favorite type of car?
- I like Camaros.
- Yeah, me too, see this guy's, talkin' 'bout man.
- Well I don't know too many gay Asians,
so I'll say heterosexual.
- You can just give me that right now.
(laughs) Your hat.
Only straight guys wear hats. (laughs)
There you go. - [Interviewer] Alright.
- Cool hair, just kinda looks edgy.
Confident stance.
- You, he look like a J. Crew commercial.
- Push me, that way.
- Jump.
- Do five pushups.
One, two, three.
- This is really a difficult.
- I'm gonna just go with asexual.
Doesn't strike me as someone who is very sexual.
- I think he's gay.
- Pansexual, even though I'm not really quite sure.
(both laugh)
- How are ya? - Good.
- Startin' off with the sniff.
- She's not really like girly girly.
She has kinda like this masculine energy to her.
- Bisexual.
- She's straight.
- Well I think you're a straight female.
Out with your girlfriends, get a cocktail, that's a good typical night for you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Can we do the dancing?
Yes, go to dance move. - Oh, I don't dance.
(laughs) - Oh see, that's a clue.
- I can't dance either.
- Can I have music at least?
(both laugh)
(upbeat music)
- I say straight.
Most gay people I know dance like mad.
- [Interviewer] How do gay people dance?
- Like.
(all laugh)
- Voguing, you know the whole bit.
- What made you cut your hair?
- I think it looks better short.
- Do you play sports at all?
- No.
- No sports. - Wait, can I see them again?
Usually girls who like having sex with girls have short nails,
so it doesn't like you know, cut up there, or do anything.
So it's like easier.
- You're definitely either bi or a lesbian.
We won't go with bi on this one.
- Shit, not me.
(all laugh)
- I'm gonna give her homosexual.
- I feel like she might be queer femme.
It's about the nails you guys.
- And you have gotten your rose.
You may walk off.
- Okay.
- Oh my god!
I thought I got all of them wrong.
(all laugh)
- Four outta nine?
That's still a D.
- Like 50%?
- Raise your hands if I got you wrong.
Oh wait, really?
(all laugh)
Wait, are we sure?
- [Ashley and Emmanuel] Yeah.
- [Interviewer] Who are you most surprised by?
- I'm surprised by you the most.
- I don't like the label homosexual.
- [Interviewer] What do you like being described as?
- A queer woman.
- How do you identify?
- I'm still deliberating whether I should identify as bisexual or pansexual.
- Straight. - Straight.
- Straight. - Straight.
- I'm straight as well.
- What did I say?
- Asexual.
- Dang it.
(all laugh)
So off.
- Are you gay?
- I am gay.
- Are you lesbian?
- I'm gay.
- You're gay, okay.
- What about you?
- I'm gay.
- My friend freaking co-worker dresses like you, but I didn't want to make that assumption. (all laugh)
- And you were right, I was a transgender.
I always consider myself as straight.
- All the things you said fit.
- Oh true, but then-
- Right up 'til ...
- 'Til that.
I stereotyped.
- I have a lot of things that I need to learn about every single community.
- I feel horrible as a person actually.
And I hope I didn't offend anyone.
- [Interviewer] Anything else you're really curious about?
- Is this your first time meeting a gay Asian?
- I think so, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Do you like it?
(all laugh)
- Where'd you get these people anyway?
(all laugh)
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People Guess the Sexual Orientation of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

13528 Folder Collection
Jerry published on April 20, 2018    小歐 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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