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Instant noodle is a global phenomenon that is changing the lives of many.
It's a quick, easy, affordable and not to mention a DELICIOUS way to cure your hunger.
Not having a knack for cooking, instant noodle was my go to comfort food during my long late
nights at the university.
Our love for instant noodles led us to check out the cup noodle museum that is easily reached
by the Minatomi Line in Yokohama.
After World War II, the shortage of food supply in Japan motivated Momofuku Ando to create
the instant noodle.
After a year of trial and error in his backyard shed, he released his first rendition of the
modern instant noodle on August, 25, 1958.
It didn't take long before his invention took over the world.
Today, instant noodle is enjoyed all over the world and is ever so evolving.
There are now more flavours of instant noodle than one could remember.
One cool fact about this is that Momofuku even invented the instant noodle that could
be eaten in space.
The fourth floor of the museum was our absolute favourite.
Here, you can channel your creativity and make your own cup noodle for an affordable
price of 300yen.
This floor can get quite busy so I would recommend making a reservation when you buy your admission
ticket to the museum. If you are planning on coming here with kids, you can also sign them
up for the chicken noodle exhibition that shows you how to make the ramen from scratch!
Although Jim & I were not the greatest artist, we still had a lot of fun and laughs making
our cup noodle, a delicious, personal souvenir to take home.
It was also a lot of fun seeing all the steps that was involved in making the noodle cup.
Once you have designed your cup noodle you can choose from a selection of ingredients
and soup bases.
Ingredients varies from corn, crab, dried vegetables, naruto.
Soup bases choices include chicken, beef, curry.
After a couple hours of obsessing over instant noodle, Jim and I started getting hungry.
Luckily, a mini food court can be found at the top floor of the museum.
This mini food court feature all sorts of noodles dishes from all over the world for
you to try.
Varying from laksa noodle, pho to tom yum and more.
It's no debate that instant noodle is here to stay.
When we observe everyone visiting the noodle cup museum, some young some old, and some
from many different parts of the world.
We may have grown up eating different brands but at the Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum, we
all share the passion of being able to pour hot water into a cup and eating something
So make sure to add this spot onto your itinerary!
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Make Your Own Instant Ramen! Top Attraction & Fun Activity in Yokohama, Japan: Cup Noodles Museum

4911 Folder Collection
Anita Lin published on February 18, 2018    Anita Lin translated    Cyndi reviewed
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