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Rob: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak
from BBC Learning English. I'm Rob...
Feifei: And hello, I'm Feifei.
We're here to teach you a real English phrase.
Rob, if you don't mind me saying, you look a bit... rough.
Rob: Rough? Well you would be, if you'd had
the night I've just had.
Feifei: Oh yes? What happened?
Rob: Well, I went out for dinner with Neil,
then we went to the pub and then I lost my wallet
and... to cut a long story short...
I got home at two o'clock this morning.
Feifei: Oh dear. But why 'cut the long story short'?
I want to hear the whole story.
Rob: No, you don't - it would take too long
and we haven't got time - and anyway,
it's not that interesting -
that's why I'm just telling you the most important
parts of the story.
Feifei: Right, so 'to cut a long story short'
means to tell only the main or important parts
of a story - not all the details.
Hmm, that's a shame Rob because I'm sure you had lots
more to tell me.
Rob: Really? Well we've got to keep this programme
short so shall we move on and hear some examples
of this phrase in action...
Examples: So I spoke to the boss and to cut a long story
short, I'm getting a promotion!
There was a technical problem with our plane
which they couldn't fix so to cut a long story
short, we had to wait for another flight
and we arrived a day late.
I met Geeta last year and to cut a long story short,
we getting married tomorrow!
Feifei: So 'to cut - or make - a long story
short' means to tell only the important parts
about something that has happened
and leaving out all the details.
So Rob, you're telling me
you went out with Neil, lost your wallet
and got home very very late?
Rob: Yes, that's about it. Not very exciting, is it?
But the details are boring - that's why my long story
is short. Why do keep asking?
Feifei: Well actually Rob, it sounds like
you're telling a tall story a tall story -
a story or fact that is difficult to believe.
Rob: Oh really, why do you say that?
Feifei: Well I spoke to Neil this morning
and he said you didn't go for dinner last night.
You went straight to the pub,
then another and another pub.
And you left your wallet there so you had no money
to get home and had to walk.
Rob: Ah well... that's the long story.
Did you really want all the details?
Feifei: Oh yes. Never cut a long story short
if it's a good one!
Rob: If you say so Feifei. Bye.
Feifei: Bye.
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To cut a long story short: The English We Speak

1026 Folder Collection
Samuel published on January 30, 2018
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