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  • Rob: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak

  • from BBC Learning English. I'm Rob...

  • Feifei: And hello, I'm Feifei.

  • We're here to teach you a real English phrase.

  • Rob, if you don't mind me saying, you look a bit... rough.

  • Rob: Rough? Well you would be, if you'd had

  • the night I've just had.

  • Feifei: Oh yes? What happened?

  • Rob: Well, I went out for dinner with Neil,

  • then we went to the pub and then I lost my wallet

  • and... to cut a long story short...

  • I got home at two o'clock this morning.

  • Feifei: Oh dear. But why 'cut the long story short'?

  • I want to hear the whole story.

  • Rob: No, you don't - it would take too long

  • and we haven't got time - and anyway,

  • it's not that interesting -

  • that's why I'm just telling you the most important

  • parts of the story.

  • Feifei: Right, so 'to cut a long story short'

  • means to tell only the main or important parts

  • of a story - not all the details.

  • Hmm, that's a shame Rob because I'm sure you had lots

  • more to tell me.

  • Rob: Really? Well we've got to keep this programme

  • short so shall we move on and hear some examples

  • of this phrase in action...

  • Examples: So I spoke to the boss and to cut a long story

  • short, I'm getting a promotion!

  • There was a technical problem with our plane

  • which they couldn't fix so to cut a long story

  • short, we had to wait for another flight

  • and we arrived a day late.

  • I met Geeta last year and to cut a long story short,

  • we getting married tomorrow!

  • Feifei: So 'to cut - or make - a long story

  • short' means to tell only the important parts

  • about something that has happened

  • and leaving out all the details.

  • So Rob, you're telling me

  • you went out with Neil, lost your wallet

  • and got home very very late?

  • Rob: Yes, that's about it. Not very exciting, is it?

  • But the details are boring - that's why my long story

  • is short. Why do keep asking?

  • Feifei: Well actually Rob, it sounds like

  • you're telling a tall story a tall story -

  • a story or fact that is difficult to believe.

  • Rob: Oh really, why do you say that?

  • Feifei: Well I spoke to Neil this morning

  • and he said you didn't go for dinner last night.

  • You went straight to the pub,

  • then another and another pub.

  • And you left your wallet there so you had no money

  • to get home and had to walk.

  • Rob: Ah well... that's the long story.

  • Did you really want all the details?

  • Feifei: Oh yes. Never cut a long story short

  • if it's a good one!

  • Rob: If you say so Feifei. Bye.

  • Feifei: Bye.

Rob: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak

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To cut a long story short: The English We Speak

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