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Hello everybody, this is Jordan, and today, we're playing Tabi Kaeru,
This is the new game that the creators of Neko Atsume
which translate to Travel Frog.
we'll name our character frog and just kind of
go through the core loop of what
this game has to offer.
So go into the house and as you can see
the little frog is preparing a backpack
now what we're gonna do is ultimately get his backpack loaded,
and get him go on an adventure.
Well check outside and you can see
that there are a bunch of clovers out here,
now these are harvestable.
You'll accumulate a few here.
And those can go to the rest,
so roughly nineteen.
Now we'll open up a shop where we can really only afford that
cookie or whatever that is for ten clovers.
So we can go ahead and purchase that,
and go back out to the house,
and you click on the button the lower left
you actually load the backpack.
The first spot's going to be like whatever snack
second spot is maybe another clover for good luck.
I'll send him off here.
And, now we need to back over the game.
We'll come back in, and you can see we got a message from frog.
So this is the part of the core loop
where you're gonna actually get presents back
over the period of time.
As you can see, he sent back 501 clovers,
which is extremely nice of him.
Now there's no new clovers there,
so you need to look in the house
and we need to actually back our again,
and now you have to wait.
Take about 2 hours for frog to return.
Well he has gifts
send these 16 clovers and the picture
so we'll load up the picture here
No new clovers.
Go back in the house.
And this is the basically the core loop of what
this game is to offer
you send your frog out, he brings you back gifts.
It's fun!
In the same way that Neko Atsume was fun,
I find it great enjoyment just seeing what he brings back
As always, please leave your content,
please like, subscribe and share and you'll have a great day.
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[ENG] Tabi Kaeru 旅かえる (Travel Frog)

28137 Folder Collection
jenny published on February 3, 2018    jenny translated    黃艾瑄 reviewed
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