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OK thanks, bye.
It's kinda sad but my relationship with my phone
is my longest, most intimate relationship.
Everybody who knows me they know what's going on in my life all the time
because I'm always on Snapchat Stories or Instagram Stories.
Pretty much anything I do on my phone is a waste of time
unless I am doing something for work.
I have little to no idea what I will be doing
except for the fact that it involves my phone
and kind of going off the grid a little bit?
Am I gonna get it back?
Oh my God!
Wait, this is a joke, right?
Oh no, this is the phone my grandmother has.
I do like the look.
But like functionally what am I supposed to do with this?
Okay, am I supposed to use this for a week?
Oh no!
Oh, it has a camera!
(Last FaceTime with Mom) How are you gonna call Uber?
(Posting her last Instagram story) This is where I say, "I love you guys, wish me luck,
and hopefully I survive."
Well, congrats millennial.
You can have it, I can't look at it anymore.
One last selfie before I go.
It's the first official day.
I'm taking this challenge very seriously.
Someone over here doesn't know how to turn on
her own phone. - I don't know
how to turn my phone on
Look at the era we live in,
these privileged Millennials these days.
You know the home screen that we have on our iPhones?
This doesn't have that so I don't know what to press.
I am currently in the bathroom.
I have to go old school.
I have to go to Staples but I don't know where Staples is
so I had to print out Google Maps.
Okay, first comes first,
learning how to fold a freaking map.
Help me!
So I added my parents as contacts for the first time today
and it was struggle texting them.
Instead of hitting the space bar which I was trying to find,
I hit send.
It literally says this
I would go back to flip phones, to be honest.
I feel like life was just a simpler time.
We appreciated more when we had flip phones.
Yeah, that's pretty good.
I'd put that on my Tinder profile.
I actually had to ask my coworkers
what they did over this past weekend and likewise,
they had no visibility into what my weekend looked like,
so now I'm super mysterious.
So the alarm on this stupid flip phone did not go off.
It's now 9:30 and I'm supposed to be at work at 9:30 so...
I haven't charged all week, by the way,
and it's still alive somehow?
Now I realize how much battery smartphones actually drain.
As long as I have something to tell me the time
and something to tell me when the train comes, I am good.
I am looking at PornHub.com on a flip phone right now.
And it's a horrible user experience.
Yeah, I'm gonna have to go offline for this.
I'm becoming very irritable very quickly.
It is really hindering my work
because I can't get my emails, get my Slack messages.
I miss emojis.
This is my life now.
So we're just gonna wander around the streets of New York
while it's raining.
Can I just look at your GPS?
Am I allowed to do that?
Over the past few days I've been a lot more productive
than I've been in a very long time
because I'm not texting here
and checking in with apps there.
Today is Fri-yay,
or the last day that I'm doing this stupid challenge.
I am vlogging from Hawaii today.
After a week of no iPhone
I feel like I'm getting back from a little mini vaca
so I thought this was appropriate.
Learned a trick with my phone, watch!
At this point I've gotten pretty frickin' good
at living life without an iPhone.
I've even figured out some hacks
with my flip phone.
I'm going to treat myself to a nice dinner,
and I think I might go tech free for dinner.
Might just leave everything including the stupid flip phone.
You would think it's really dramatic
but it's classical addiction,
where you think you can't live without something
and then you're like "I'm fine, the world is fine,
they don't need my InstaStories and I don't need theirs."
The main thing that I noticed was
I was just keeping my head up more and I was looking around
and noticing things I hadn't noticed before.
I read parts of a couple different books.
But it was just mainly giving up social media
that was kind of a struggle,
especially because I did go out a lot.
Oh my God, that's actually really cool.
- Right? - You can put that on my Instagram.
Thank you Jade, I love you!
Also I had to carry around a map of Manhattan in my purse.
If anything this has made me more reliant on my iPhone
because I felt like a part of me was missing.
I wasn't so easily accessible and people couldn't reach me.
I was just a lot more present in everything that I did.
And I've never been so focused.
Sometimes you've just gotta live in the moment.
It's better you looking your own life
than posting on social media
and having other people envy yours.
I just feel like I'm in a better mental, spiritual place.
My last words to this flip phone are
I'm ready to be reunited with my iPhone.
My baby!
Feels good to have this back in my hands.
It feels good and I feel like a complete person again.
I'm gonna go take a bunch of selfies.
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People Use Flip Phones For A Week

7029 Folder Collection
Stephanie published on February 5, 2018    Stephanie translated    jenny reviewed
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