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Go, go, go …
Got it! Got it! …
Have you found him?
I've searched a few places. No luck yet.
But why does our son act like this?
We could beat him, scold him.
All of these different things we've tried.
Nothing has worked.
It's a tough problem to solve.
He should start to believe in God.
In God?
Can God keep my child from games?
The purpose of God's work in the last days is to bring man salvation.
God's words can resolve all man's problems.
That's so great!
Xinguang, listen to us. Stop playing games.
Believe in God with us, okay?
God, You are almighty.
Please save my child.
Xinguang! You're playing this again?
I know online gaming is bad,
but I can't stop it.
I have to play.
But I already prayed to God and said that I wouldn't play anymore.
I'll just play once more.
Dad, Mom, I'll follow God sincerely.
There is hope for my son!
Thank God!
Dad …
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Amazing Grace of God | In Search of a Bright Life "Child, Come Back Home" (Christian Movie Trailer)

403 Folder Collection
lily720909 published on January 28, 2018
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