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Hi i'm Joel and I'm Lia and today we're gonna be talking about the British health care system, the NHS.
So as you may or may not know England has one of the best health
care systems in the world and it's something that we get asked a lot about
because it's quite interesting it's not the same as it is in other countries and
just in case any of you don't know NHS stands for national health service so if
we're saying NHS it just means our healthcare system in the UK in England
in England they do have similar health services in Wales Scotland and Ireland I
think they do differ slightly so we're just gonna say this is what happens in England
because we know that this does happen in England yes
the only one amazing thing that did happen to me in Scotland was that I had
tonsillitis so I went to the NHS obviously I was seen very - I think
within an hour I was seen and I was given a prescription and I was given
antibiotics containing penicillin which usually would cost around seven eight pounds...
for free so Scotland had free prescriptions yeah so that's
just one little tip fact yeah. -Well that's the first main thing about the
NHS here is that any prescription one prescription will cost you seven pound
eighty-five I think it is so no matter how much that medicine costs that
medicine will cost probably hundreds of pounds but it's subsidised by the
NHS so we just pay seven pound eighty-five per prescription exactly and
it does not cost at all to go and see a doctor
it's completely free I say free we all pay our tax here and part of our taxes
go towards funding the NHS and still it is a system that hasn't got enough
funding behind it although we've only had positive experiences with the NHS
there are some people in the UK in England that have not had so many
positive experiences and you'll still find people out there that are slating
the NHS when the people inside the people that are working so hard the
doctors and nurses do an incredible job they are the unsung heroes definitely
there's not enough people working for the NHS so I know that there are
things like courses that are subsidised and so for example university will cost
£9000 a year but if you want to train to
become a nurse there's no cost at all because they want to encourage people to
come and study and work for the NHS but yeah even using hospitals is free so if
you have a last minute emergency and you need to call the emergency services and
you need a big treatment going to the NHS for that is completely free. I think
my brother when he got seriously ill he went to intensive care for like three
months and then was in rehab for like three months that ultimately would have
cost our my family millions if we're in the U.S. like my parents would have had
to sell the house because it would cost something
ridiculous like a hundred thousand pounds per week or something to keep my
brother... no way! On all the machines, to pay for all of the fees and all the medication so it's just so
foreign to us to think of a healthcare system where you would have to pay for
it like you you've said I think about in American films and things you see
families that can't afford to pay the bills for health care but that's just
not a thing in the UK so it just seems really really odd that that's a thing to
us obviously it's not odd but it's just not something we can relate to and
similarly I think another thing that seems odd to me like when I'm watching
an American film is the idea of say for instance we're in a scene and I'm like
you lost your job you're fired with that you lose your health care in
America there's no health care, yeah because losing their job they lose their healthcare benefits but in in the UK in England specifically
you can't just fire someone remove all of their health care privileges you have
to like give someone a reason give them a certain amount of time, like a notice period
and like I just think that that makes us probably different as people because
like we're not so much on edge yeah maybe we're more on edge, maybe that's a
big statement like you know just the idea of like absolutely nothing is
certain ever you could go into work today and you could lose your job and
you could not have a job tomorrow I think that's the scary thing cuz
my parents have a house in Florida in the US and there's been talk of being
like "oh maybe we'll move here one day" but my parents, the main thing holding
them back is the fact that if they did move there they wouldn't have any health
care they would have to pay for their own health care yeah they wouldn't move
out there and get a job and health care included in a job because
they'd be retired by then, so yeah it's just that's the main thing
I think that puts people off moving to not just America but other countries
that don't have national health care systems is the fact that health care can
cost so much money yeah and we don't realise how lucky we are no I mean I
don't have any idea how much it would have cost ... don't if anyone's been
following us this long but back when I had my throat surgery
in 2012 I had vocal nodules on both sides of my vocal cords and I was
on a wait list for about six months with the NHS so I had my initial appointments
and I said oh this is the problem they put cameras down my throat they were like
yeah you've got this problem we can do an operation and fix that you can go
private you can be seen immediately if you pay £12,000 pounds something like
that or you can be on our waitlist and we'll get round to you when we can it
wasn't a tragic problem it was not life-threatening
it was just something that was affecting my vocal quality, my ability to sing and
just my ability to talk without feeling exhausted yeah I had sort of like vocal
therapy a couple of times after the operation and that was all included for
no money all just money that we as taxpayers all put into this big pot yeah
and everybody is looked after. Yeah I think that's what some British people
resent is having to pay extra taxes for the NHS we don't know we're going to
research and do a video on UK tax but I do think that we pay slightly more tax
than people do in America for example but I would have thought it more than
pays for itself when you think that we don't have to pay
anything except £7.85 per item that we get from the chemist yes and the way
the prescriptions work is that every time you need to get your prescription
again, so for instance say you're given a prescription of special tablets
for migraines sometimes I get migraines so I have a prescription from the doctor
and every time I go to collect 30 migraine tablets I pay £7.85
once they run out I get my prescription renewed I go to the chemist
and I say here's my prescription I pay £7.85 again yeah and that's it
and that is kind of capped it's been £7.85 for a while I think yeah it's
been around the £7 mark yeah exactly but if you are under 16 or if
you're over 60 then your prescriptions are free I think as well if you are
unemployed then they're free and there are certain other things as well yeah if
you're in full-time education and you're sort of and 18 as well, there's all sorts of
things if you're receiving Jobseeker's Allowance or if you're receiving any
benefits from the government because you're not able to support yourself
completely on your own then you're also able to get free prescriptions yeah
so there are... well I think the NHS is amazing yeah it's great it's actually the
biggest employer in the UK and it's apparently I think it's the fifth largest in the
world which is incredible it's a massive machine and I think it's really great I
just realise that I take it for granted all the time yeah like right now I need
to get - I do need to go to the doctors for something and all it's just a case
of me getting on the phone and just making sure I can get an appointment
I'll probably be seen within a week yeah in London it's harder you know sometimes
you have to wait a bit longer for an appointment but you'll get seen yeah and
if you really need to be seen immediately you can go to A&E which is
like accident and emergency and you can just sit in line and get seen, or if it's not
quite an emergency you can go to a walk-in clinic which there may be like
an hour wait or something depending how many people are there but you can just
walk up and see a doctor that day yeah even if it's not quite an emergency
another great thing that I will try and link down below if I remember is an
article from an American that's moved to the UK and I remember he was comparing
the health care systems yeah and was saying like the pros and cons of
both of course there are cons to the NHS but overwhelmingly he said he would
choose a National Health Service over the private healthcare just because of
the the worry of being able to make those payments and paying for health
insurance it's just not worth you know the angst that it causes I can just
about afford my phone bill let alone a health care bill and and that's the other
thing isn't it that people just say your health is the most important thing yeah
so how could you live with the fear of potentially having
like a £30,000 bill or more to keep yourself alive, to keep a family member alive
it's just so stressful yeah and not just that like obviously if you've
got insurance you probably wouldn't have to pay that much but the fact of then
having to pay insurance every single month just in case something goes wrong
the insurance companies are making a killing yeah they definitely are that's probably
why they're not going to change anything in the U.S. is because these massive companies are making
so much money from it yeah yeah but it was established in the 40s
so we've had it all our lives our parents have had it all their lives yeah so um
yeah it's just something that you don't tend to think about every day yeah like
right now my dad needs to have keyhole surgery in his knee and there
are two options he can stay on the wait list that he's on with the NHS and they
offer you an appointment and if you can't make it then that sucks for you
you've got to wait for the next one or you can just pay to be seen privately
and go and get seen you have the option of both you always have the option and
the NHS don't have anything against anyone working privately in fact a lot
of NHS doctors also work in private clinics
just to double up their salary a bit more because they don't get paid a very
good amount from the NHS it's not a great salary so they have to pick
up these extra shifts privately also that's a nice fact as well that if you
work for the NHS you get discounts across the country loads of restaurants,
shops, experiences give NHS employees discounts yeah so lots of my friends
when we're going out for meals say like oh do you do NHS discount?
and some don't but lots of them do yeah and I think it's a nice way to
reward people who do work for the NHS who don't earn a huge amount of money by
giving them discounts and just showing your respect to them that do that yeah that's really
sweet but I hope that was informative for you guys I'm sure we've missed out
certain things and if you'd like to see more on that then let us know and
I'm sure we can do another video on it we just thought it might be helpful for
you guys because similar to when we spoke about the education system in the
UK a lot of you were like oh great yeah I didn't know that or you were actually
able to add stuff because you've got extra knowledge that we didn't know we
just thought that this video would also be helpful for anyone who's interested
yeah definitely a bit of a fun fact I love learning about other cultures and
things like that. yeah let us know what the health care systems are like where you
are we'd be interested to hear yeah and we
will see you on the next video, see you soon, bye!
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British Healthcare! | NHS

243 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on January 26, 2018    Angus translated    Evangeline reviewed
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