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Hello, this is Ray. Today I'm gonna tell you
how to learn English through videos

Technology is improving. The only way to
broadcast knowledge was through text

But since the inventions of recording, shooting
and even the Internet, knowledge is broadcast widely
by new media

In linguistics, learning through videos and sounds
is called "audiovisual learning", which allows you to
enjoy an environment and understand the circumstance

uh watching Ray Du English is also a kind of
audiovisual learning, so it's absolutely 100% helpful. Yep

Even tough learning through videos is effective, the
most important point to learn a language is to
"continue", you have to keep on practicing it

Okay, many people face the problem that they
have no idea about where to find so many
English videos

To solve this problem, I'm gonna introduce the biggest
on-line English learning platform in Taiwan
which is called VoiceTube

You may have known this website, and known how to use it
like you can choose videos through how hard they are
replay the sentences , turn on the English and Chinese
subtitles, and click words to check its meaning

So we're not going to talk about the basic
functions of VoiceTuve

If you're interested in it, click the button here to
watch the official introduction of VoiceTuve

Actually, VoiceTube has much more can be talked about
Today we'll tell you three

advance functions. They can push you to learn English
everyday, develop a study habit and improve your English ability

Guess how many times I retook this part
First is the VoiceTube Editor Selection
Editor Selection is daily videos selected by VoiceTube
Not only the subtitles would be checked once again
but there are additional contents in each video which
can help you do advance learning after watching the video

Let's see how to find the Editor Selection
Here's the homepage of VoiceTube
click "頻道" to find "主編精選"

oops, I misclicked on the exclusive channel of Ray Du English
called Ray's English Coner series with bilingual subtitles

Oh I'm too careless~
Now we click on the Editor Selection, we can find all
videos selected by the editor here
Let's click on one and see. You can see like normal videos

there're subtitles, vocabulary checking
sentences replay and so on. But we can see some stars
they mean we have additional contents there

click on them and you can see the contents below
If you move your mouse to the point
you can watch the part of the video

and if you got more time for learning
you can watch the additional video

the Editor Selection is a system provide you
with learning contents and time schedule

Spend only 5 minutes to watch a video, and 5 minutes
to check the additional content. Imagine how much English
you can learn from it in a day, a week, a month and a year?

What's more? the videos are carefully selected, so
they must be interesting, and you can hear
the most authentic English

Next, through watching videos we can only practice our listening
What about our speaking ability? So next we're gonna introduce the VoiceTuve Everyday Pronunciation Challenge

the VoiceTuve Everyday Pronunciation Challenge also has new
contents every day. Through a sentence in a video, you can train your pronunciation, word stress and fluency

Let's see how to find the Everyday Pronunciation Challenge
Here's the homepage of VoiceTube, and under the tab "聽力口說" you can find "每日口說挑戰"

You can either choose today's challenge or click the calendar
to go back to any day and see the day's content

About how to do the pronunciation challenge
first you can check out how the video pronounces it

And, listen to the instruction given by the host
Okay, let's introduce the host to you in the same time

The host is Kristi, a sunshine girl I've known for 8 years
with great education background, IQ and face
Don't ask me about her phone, go google her yourself

Okay, finish the introduction, you can record your voice
below to practice!

What's the point? Is the EVERYDAY challenge
So new contents will be updated every day as a new opportunity to practice. Keep on practicing, your speaking ability can be definitely improved

Many VoiceTuve users continue to involve with the everyday challenge from one or two months ago
They can speak very well now

Well if you're interested in me hosting the challenge
You can go back to the first and second week in March

It's not about teaching, the point is I stood in for Kristi that week
and talked a lot about her secrets

You might ask "Ray, is it true that all these fantastic resources are free?" Yeah, they are all free
but the most powerful function is the one I am gonna tell you now! It's VoiceTuve's charged course, HERO
VoiceTuve HERO is an on-line course
combining all the teaching resources and technologies
It bases on videos and has varied questions
to enhance your English ability

And let's see how to fine VoiceTube HERO
on VoiceTube's home page you can find the button
at the right side of the top

Like I said, VoiceTube Hero is an on-line course of
learning through videos

HERO provides you the most efficient way to learn and to review, through abundant videos, varied questions
and the calendar function

We can also find many user comments and companies which are using HERO, check them out if you want
HERO has different levels of difficulty, so you can choose
the course fit you best

If you don't know your level, you can figure it out
with a free trial course, and know HERO better
at the same time

Tough you have to pay for the HERO course
it can help you learn English efficiently and surely
So I really commend it to anyone who really wants to learn English

If you want to know more
Click the button here

And they're the 3 advanced functions of VoiceTube
Hope you can use them properly and
keep a habit of learning English every day

Yeah! Keep learning every day and you're the winner!
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There'll be new videos every Monday and Thursday at 9 pm

We also have Facebook and Instagram accounts,
you can search Ray Du English and find us

And that is a wrap, thank you guys for watching as always
and I'll catch you guys next time! See ya!

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Improving Your English Quickly with Videos

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chantie published on January 26, 2018
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