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Hello, fellow travelers. Welcome.
Recently I talked about traveling alone and how absolutely fulfilling, exciting, and amazing it can be.
But today, I thought I would take that topic a step further.
Because traveling alone, yes, is about being alone, but paradoxically, it is also a great way to meet new people.
The first thing you have to do is turn on that very elusive 6th sense, and the 7th, and the 8th.
Because if you want to meet new people or strike up a conversation with a stranger, you are going to have to be sensitive to what's around you.
So you can read the signs and send out the right signals.
So here are some Dos and Don'ts.
Meeting new people is easier than you think, I promise.
First of all, you gotta choose the right location.
Bars are great, but the early hours. None of those 4 a.m. senseless conversations.
Coffee houses, any restaurant that has a communal table is fantastic.
Basically, wherever you have a sense of community.
If you see people sharing benches or tables, bingo.
If they are sitting alone, quiet, with their heads in a book, with headphones, not so much.
So respect the space, just read the signs.
Asking questions that require more than a yes or no answer is the best way to start up a conversation.
But you have to ease into it.
So first, you start off with something very simple, a classic, something like, "It's a beautiful day, right?"
And then, if they answer very quickly and move right on to texting, you move on.
If you get a little bit more of a hefty answer, then you wham them with your next question, which is more in-depth.
So it could be something like, "You know, I'm visiting, do you have any favorite spots around here that you can recommend?"
And then, you take it up from there.
You'll be surprised at how easy this is.
What I have learned is that people, in general, like to talk.
So as long as you're not threatening, and you're friendly, and you're willing to listen, you're in a great position to start with.
The golden rule here is to not do this with the sole purpose of finding a lifelong friend every time you go out.
That will not happen.
You have to be absolutely OK with going out there and having no one want to talk to you.
And believe me, if that happens, there's nothing wrong with you.
You're absolutely friendly, and wonderful, and amazing, and lovely.
You just didn't run into anyone that wanted to strike up a chat.
So, totally OK.
But, let me tell you.
I have made lifelong friends because of this, and it's absolutely wonderful, very rare, and maybe you'll just have a short little conversation on a bench that you'll remember forever.
Bottom line is this, you have to be open and try it out.
And the next time that somebody sits next to you and strikes up a conversation with you, remember those moments when they let you down, and talk it up.
Alright guys. So, try it out, go out there, meet some people, talk to strangers, make it happen, and let me know how it went below in the comments.
It's super scary at first, but it gets so much easier with time.
Come back next Thursday, ciao!
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Travel Tips: How to Talk to Strangers

63582 Folder Collection
Carol Chen published on January 21, 2019
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