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  • (soft music)

  • In the cold white north of Minnesota

  • there's a place that will get you warm

  • after a long day on the ice.

  • You can do some fishing.

  • Or have a tasty beverage.

  • (cheering)

  • And it's something of a dream for Josie.

  • I've always wanted to own a neighborhood bar.

  • And we finally do, mine is just sitting on a frozen lake.

  • Ice fishing is a way of life around here for people.

  • It gets so cold, below zero temps quite often

  • which allows us to drive and put houses out

  • and drill holes in the lake and fish.

  • When it gets cold enough in the early winter,

  • Josie's husband goes out and tests the ice

  • to make sure it's thick enough.

  • If it is, they can put the bar together

  • and then the ice hole can open.

  • The ice here is so thick

  • that this bar sits on top of it.

  • To come to our bar on the lake,

  • you just drive your car out on the ice and park

  • we don't have a parking lot

  • you just park wherever you want,

  • walk in and have a beer.

  • People like to fish and drink beer

  • and from our bar here, you can do that all at the same time.

  • The local favorite drink is called the minnow shot.

  • People will actually take a live minnow

  • which is fishing bait,

  • and put it into their shot and drink it.

  • Oh boy.

  • Oh yeah.

  • He wiggled a little bit.

  • Yeah.

  • As delicious as that seafood beverage sounds,

  • people come just because the fact that the bar exists

  • is pretty amazing.

  • People's reactions to this bar are from crazy

  • to they don't understand it

  • to it's the coolest thing ever.

  • They come from all over the world to see it.

  • It's very seasonal, we're only opened 20 days.

  • If you're ever near Lake Lida,

  • drive out on the ice, park, come into the bar

  • and grab a pole.

(soft music)

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Grab a Cold One on Minnesota's Bar on a Lake

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