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  • One day, I was working in my studio and Rick came bounding in there

  • and said: 'Babe, what's for lunch?'

  • I had been working on a manuscript for the last three hours

  • and the manuscript had a large gold letter in the middle

  • and I was working on patterns all around the edges.

  • I had been concentrating on these little designs and things

  • and he woke me out of a reverie or a dream during the day.

  • But I worked right through it all so I was dreaming and drawing at the same time

  • which I had never done before in my 35, 40 years of art.

  • Well, normally she does lettering.

  • The lettering has to be spelt correctly and have the right dates for the wedding.

  • So, in this case, we were

  • trying to figure out what was different about all of the aspects.

  • And part of it was, she was just filling these very simple

  • patterns into an already defined space.

  • She wasn't worried whether it was spelt right

  • and was just able to lose herself in doing those patterns.

  • I had described to him what was going on.

  • I described it as timelessness and the feeling of no worries anywhere.

  • Of comfort, of no anxiety and I came out of it feeling so wonderful.

  • When I was describing this to him... -So, she's describing all this.

  • Before we got together I was living as a monk.

  • He's no longer a monk. -No, I'm not.

  • And all of the feelings and experiences she was describing

  • were so resonant with the types of experiences that people have

  • who would do whatever practice of relaxed focus of meditation.

  • That was amazing enough in itself.

  • Noticing this art as a gateway to this type of focus.

  • It was great fun, really inspiring. I've made beautiful Zentangles.

  • I've learned to make four different shapes.

  • And I've used a Tortillon, it looks like a white pen

  • but it's made of paper and you use it for shading.

  • I've learnt new techniques and styles to help you learn how to draw.

  • I think I can move on with this. In any case, it has inspired me.

  • I was just saying to the other students

  • that it's so important to have the right materials.

  • That by using Pigma Micron Pens

  • and pencils and this wonderful paper you get excellent result.

  • Even if you're not great at drawing you'll end up with something nice.

  • I don't think you would achieve this with regular pens.

  • It's essential to use these materials. Absolutely.

  • I've been a working artist my whole life and I always knew

  • that the better the supplies and the things that you use

  • the better your art is and your respect for your art changes

  • with the elevation of the quality of the products.

One day, I was working in my studio and Rick came bounding in there

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