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  • Time for another question where I get reminded that I'm blind.

  • [laughs]

  • [music plays]

  • This is one of those questions I've never heard until I started doing YouTube.

  • Does it bother you that you don't know what you look like? As somebody who is

  • blind since birth I don't know what anybody looks like so therefore

  • it doesn't bother me that I don't know what I look like.

  • You know, if I lost my sight, maybe I'd be a little more concerned about how

  • I looked or what I looked like, you know? But right now,

  • it's not much of a big deal for me.

  • When it comes to dressing up, you know, I want to be sure I look a particular way.

  • That my outfit all matches and things so absolutely I'll ask people.

  • I'll even ask some stranger. "Hey, do I look alright?"

  • "Oh, yeah, you look terrific." Or I can use Facetime to check out, you know,

  • "Is this the right shirt I should be wearing?"

  • "Is this the blue shirt or the black shirt or whatever?"

  • I could just use good ol' Facetime and find out in an instant.

  • [music plays]

  • So, let's say for example if I could see, just boom, right now.

  • I have perfect vision. Do you think I'd be able to identify

  • myself in a photo lineup? No way.

  • I don't think so. Again, this is theoretical, but

  • I mean, I know how I feel, but

  • if you have 3 or 5 people with the same sort of face structure as me

  • I don't know if I'd be able to recognize myself.

  • Isn't that weird?

  • As far as I know, how I look is this way...

  • I'm about 6'1".

  • [harmonica plays]

  • I have blue eyes. [choral group sings]

  • I'm told I have a nice smile.

  • [camera takes photo]

  • I think my hair color is sort of silver.

  • [striking sword echo effect]

  • The one thing I hear about my hair color is that it's sort of salt and pepper.

  • You know what's funny about that? I have no clue what that means.

  • It's two colors, but black and white?

  • That doesn't seem like very much.

  • I used to have dirty blonde hair. That I know.

  • And when I was little it was really blonde. I know I'm not hideous.

  • I mean, I walk down the street and people don't run and freak out or anything

  • when I go by, right? And that's about as much as I know

  • as far as, you know, how I look.

  • [organ musical interlude plays]

  • So, who do I look like? Well, the things I've heard

  • most often are a lot of people say I look like this old guitar player from Canada

  • named Jeff Healey who happens to be a blind guy.

  • People say I look like the radio talk show host Glenn Beck.

  • And some people say I look like former Tonight Show host

  • Jay Leno. And I asked you guys who you

  • thought my doppelganger was. And, oh boy, the responses

  • are incredible. The original MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson.

  • Tom Wilson who played Biff Tanen in Back to the Future.

  • Former President Bill Clinton. Kevin Bacon.

  • Somebody said if I got real gaunt and scary looking I might be able to

  • pass for Gary Busey. Maybe a squinting less stoic

  • George Clooney. Another former President,

  • Jimmy Carter. A slim John Goodman.

  • Martin Sheen. Dustin Hoffman.

  • Dick Van Patten from "Eight is Enough"

  • One of the kids.

  • And an older Phil DeFranco. What do you think, Phil? Close?

  • Huh? Maybe in a couple years?

  • [music plays]

  • You know, if you think we missed somebody in those doppelgangers, let me know.

  • I'd love to hear in the comments who you think I look like. You know, somebody famous though.

  • You know, I noticed nobody said Brad Pitt.

Time for another question where I get reminded that I'm blind.

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Do Blind People Know What They Look Like?

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