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  • The weirdest question I've been asked about hijab is probably if I shower in it.

  • The answer is no.

  • If I wear it during sex.

  • What does covering your hair have to do with it at that point, you know?

  • You're seeing other parts.

  • Hijab, in Arabic, meansto cover”.

  • It normally refers to

  • the piece of fabric that some

  • women use to cover their hair.

  • Hijab is a concept.

  • It's meant to kind of promote modesty.

  • A hijab is a thing that a male Muslim should have absolutely no opinion about.

  • Not all Muslim women wear hijab.

  • I've never worn a hijab, except when I actually pray.

  • There are many ways to wear it, depending on culture and preference.

  • There's the "just got here from the Middle East" hijab.

  • There's the turban hijab.

  • I wear my hijab like this.

  • Sometimes I put a turban up, sometimes I'll just drape it.

  • Amani's like the Muslim hipster.

  • She just,like, goes out, throws on that hijab, and she's like "I'm Muslim, and what?"

  • Mine is the bluetooth hijab.

  • This is how easy I could be walking around the city. With this.

  • And then mine is like...

  • Yeah.

  • There's this western stereotype that a Muslim woman who wears it

  • did not have the choice to do so.

  • It is seen as a symbol of oppression rather than a symbol of devotion.

  • The minute that I put it on I felt like my identity became whole.

  • When I wasn't wearing hijab I was just some ordinary white girl from New York City.

  • Wearing hijab made you know that I was Muslim.

  • It's, for me, a reminder to lead my life with religion first.

  • For me, putting on a head scarf was emancipation

  • because that was the moment that I reclaimed my identity.

  • I say, “Hey peeps! I'm a Muslim. What's up?”

  • My hijab takes nothing away from my intellect,

  • takes nothing away from my passions and my values and the principles that I hold.

  • How does it look, good?

  • Producer: I think it looks great!

  • Okay, making sure.

The weirdest question I've been asked about hijab is probably if I shower in it.

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A beginner’s guide to hijabs

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