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  • Hey, what's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to play...

  • Here are the runes, masteries, skill distribution and items that you'll need to piss on everyone doggy style.

  • In the laning phase, you only have a single simple mission to accomplish :

  • last hit the minions with your Dance Pole Slap skill all day long to make you stronger even when you're busy poking the tower to oblivion.

  • If that skill is on cooldown, using your Dynamic Marking to wreck these weaklings is more than welcome.

  • After farming a bit, you'll notice that your Dance Pole Slap will deal tons of damage even without having a Trinity Phreak.

  • And that is why you should fight every fuckabish head on if they disturb your Epic Farm Time by buttfucking him in the brush with your minions.

  • If you get ganked by Chinese Spear, do not use Ghost or Flash to run away because you'll be able to get an effortless First Blood thanks to these greedy fatherfuckers.

  • If you're the one towerdiving with your ButtFucking Friend, make sure to become a Silver Dog to tank the turret and smack your enemy like a boss.

  • Late game, you'll be able to kill this rager before he has the chance to become a man and to wreck your enemy's base without giving a shit about Fizz's woman.

  • Thanks to your AP build, you will finally be able to pickpocket tons of minions faster than ever instead of poking them one by one like a dumb dog.

  • And, of course, you'll be able to (DOGGY STYLE OP) and to kill any running bastard with your Dynamic Marking.

  • Also, that skill is extremely useful to see who's hiding behind a tree or to piss off your enemies by not letting them go back home in peace.

  • Your AP build also benefits your Silver Dog skill because everyone around you will burn to death and that is why you can simply run over anyone like Bob the Builder.

  • Even if your an AP dog, you shouldn't neglect to farm your Dance Pole Slap at all stage of the game by last hitting the minions with your Q.

  • And guess what? This skill works on any kind of enemy, including the mini-ghost from Yorick Spamming Master!

  • Oh, and by the way, large monsters and minions double the amount of damage that skill receives,

  • so use it on them whenever you have the chance if you want to become the toughest dog of history.

  • Be aware that enemy champions also double that amount, so consider them as some big-ass minions that must be killed at all cost...with your Dance Pole Slap.

  • And now, whenever you're raiding your enemy's base, everyone will always see that doggy OP icon if you use that skill.

  • In teamfights, you can come from the back to make your enemies shit in their pants and kill those in front of you with a Slow-Dynamic Marking-Dance Pole Slap combo.

  • If you accidently transformed yourself into a Silver Dog, don't sweat it and use Teleport to show that Flying Pikachu who's the true AP master of the game.

  • Thanks to your Lich Bane, your Dance Pole Slap will deal so much damage that you will be able to get every single kill in a teamfight, making your teammates think that you're a dogly god.

  • To avenge your call girl's death, you should Dance Pole Slap her killer, transform into Silver Dog mode and chase him with Ghost to not let him get away to safety.

  • Then, Auto-Attack poison boy to slow him with your newly gained red buff from Udyr,

  • Dynamic Marking-Dance Pole Slap that running fuckabish, Slow him and finish him off with another Dance Pole Slap in his ass.

  • Sometimes, it is better to not group with your team to fight the enemies and let your allies die.

  • It's simply because you can go straight into the enemy's base to win the game before any member from the opposing team shows up.

  • That way, your team's sacrifice is not in vain, right HotShot?

  • That's it for today, people!

  • Don't forget to check out my channel for more boring League of Legends videos.

  • Feel free to leave a comment in any language you want, but I'll only answer those in English and in French because I'm a racist fuckabish.

  • Ciaossu!

Hey, what's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to play...

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