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  • Hey, Shaun. I can't wait to go to the zoo tomorrow.

  • Yeah, me too.

  • I can't wait to see all those cool animals from all over the world.

  • So, what's your favorite animal, Shaun?

  • Well, I really like lions.

  • Yeah, why?

  • Well, lions are pretty strong

  • and also my star sign is Leo.

  • Really! That's why you're always so loud!

  • 還好吧...

  • Anyway, what's your favorite animal, Fiona?

  • I like little baby pigs! They are so pink and cute.

  • I can't wait to go see them tomorrow at the zoo, yeah.

  • Wow, this is my first time to visit the zoo. There are so many animals.

  • Hey, look at that. What's that?

  • What's that? Don't scare me!

  • elephant

  • It's just an elephant.

  • Hey, I heard there's a lot of elephants in Thailand, but not in Taiwan.

  • Elephants are so big. I've never seen them standing in front of me.

  • Hey, look at that. What's that?

  • What's that? Not again!

  • turkey

  • Ha ha ha... It's just a turkey.

  • But, you know, that turkey doesn't actually have anything to do with the country, Turkey.

  • It's just like a really old mistake.

  • Hey, Shaun, there is something behind you.

  • Come on. I'm not gonna buy that.

  • I know you're just trying to scare me.

  • There's a snake!!!

  • Snake? What? Really?

  • snake

  • Shaun, it's safe. The snake is gone.

  • You sure? The snake is gone?

  • You know I really hate snakes. When I was a kid, a snake tried to bite me.

  • I scared to death of snakes.

  • Can we visit some cute animals now?

  • Yeah, sure. Maybe we can go see the polar bear, OK?

  • polar bear

  • Polar bears are so cute. I know there's a brown bear which lives in North America.

  • Yeah, you're right.

  • Hey, I heard that in Taiwan, there is a bear that you can only find here. Is that right?

  • Oh, yeah, you mean the Formosan Black Bear?

  • Formosan Black Bear

  • It's pretty cute, and it lives in the mountains in Taiwan.

  • Cute? Are you kidding me?

  • The last time I went walking with my friend in the mountain. We saw a black bear sleeping under a tree.

  • Then, what happened?

  • Well, the bear suddenly woke up and then it looked us like really fiercely.

  • And then, we just got scared. So, we threw everything ran away.

  • Well, it sounds really scary. I think it's better to see animals in the zoo.

  • elephant

  • turkey

  • snake

  • polar bear

  • Formosan Black Bear

  • Next time you go to a zoo, don't forget to see all of those cute animals.

  • Hey Shaun, do you know where should I put these ropes?

  • Snake! Call 911 !

Hey, Shaun. I can't wait to go to the zoo tomorrow.

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