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I'm here at Miami-Dade international airport to see how many awesome shots I can get in 10 minutes
for the 10 minute photo challenge.
Because there's a lot of security around, we are incognito.
So we've got Emmarie who is blending into the environment.
Look around.
Do we see security?
Alright, I want you to do an arabesque and I want you to buy a ticket.
Excuse me, may I take a photo of her right here?
Uh, yes, he's just checking in.
Oh, I loved it with the bags here.
Yeah ... and go.
Thank you.
One more.
Got it, thank you so much.
In case we didn't get it, do it again right there.
Be typing something in, go!
Oh, good, one more type.
Good, got it.
Ok, you're right here and you're freaking out.
Have you ever been ... you know like how sometimes it's just delayed?
The flight ... the flight can be delayed, right?
So she's gonna act like she's freaking out about that.
You can be in the camera.
Would you like to be freaking out, too?
-It would be so awesome. -No, I don't wanna.
Go! Now just start freaking out.
It's like this ... arrrrrrr
One more time.
Get really angry.
Awesome, awesome, awesome.
Alright, what else do we have around here?
So far so good, no security.
Oh my god!
Weigh yourself, okay.
Go ahead, stand on that and weigh yourself.
Wait, wait, wait.
Yeah, exactly.
Oh, that's funny.
That's not gonna take us long, hold on.
Thank you very much.
Can she take a quick ride?
It would be the most beautiful shot for her birthday, 16th birthday.
Do you mind? Oh, thank you so much. Okay.
If you could just sit there, put your legs up like you know with your pointe.
Yes, oh god, guys, this is really incredible.
Now don't look at me, look straight ahead like you're driving.
Yeah, hold it there.
This is great, like you're driving ... yes!
Thank you so much!
That was really great!
-Can I give you a fist pound? -Yeah!
Thank you so much.
Happy birthday, Em.
Wait, one minute.
You're gonna have this stuck in your pointe shoe.
Stick this in your pointe shoe, which leg is good?
You're gonna be like this, look ... euaaaaah.
Yes, oh my god, that was great, do it again.
One of those should be funny.
Okay, I just thought of something.
Just have a drink of water and do it in a beautiful way.
And go!
Get thirstier, go!
Ooh, that was good.
One more.
Oh my god, this is amazing!
Ooh, there's a crowd.
There's a crowd.
Can you guys just stand there for a second?
Oh my god, stand in this crowd.
Go...go like...you knew what...like you're ...
Like you guys are all waiting in line.
Yeah, yeah so I just see...exactly.
Oh can you do a...yeah, yeah, yeah.
Good, good, good.
Oh, Em, that's really actually quite beautiful, hold it.
What's with the smiling?
You hate being in line.
Okay, we got it.
Thank you everybody!
Look! Priority check-in that way, you're priority, so you're gonna do a jump right here.
That was it!
That was it!
Do it again though.
2:56, go!
Oh, I've got an idea.
Come here! Come here! Come here!
I don't think they want us to do this ...
We're not actually cutting in line, we're taking a very quick photo.
I'm sorry, thank you.
Okay, she's just going to do this back thing, it's for American...
Right, and then you're talking to her, but you're going backwards, go!
Yes, get much closer to her, please.
Okay, go!
You don't have a ticket, you could just pretend to hand her, do you?
This is for her 16th birthday.
It would just take 5 seconds, please?
We just want her to be handling a ticket.
Oh, thank you so much!
Go again.
That's beautiful.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
Keep the ticket.
Okay, come here, come here, come here.
Can I please borrow those headphones for a photo of her for her 16th birthday?
No, big ones that she can do a quick jump rocking out for her 16th birthday.
This one is fine?
Yeah, that's great!
Okay, go, go, go.
Stop right there.
Backbend jump.
And go!
Oh, yeah!
One more.
Rock out again!
One more.
Way to go!
Thank you!
Oh my god, that was fun.
No security.
People were smiling.
-They were awesome. -The police were awesome.
They were very nice.
That was awesome.
That was fun.
Have you seen my tutu?
Has anyone seen my tutu?
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10 Minute Photo Challenge Crashes Miami International Airport

6409 Folder Collection
Katharina Yang published on January 25, 2018    Katharina Yang translated    Jerry reviewed
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