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How are you doing?
I was wondering if you were gonna show up.
Oh, sorry. I'm a bit late.
I'm only kidding. I'm only kidding.
That was funny.
At first, she was about thirty minutes late, which is fine.
I can get over that.
But she had really nice energy when I first saw her.
Right, so I've had quite a lot of time to look at the menu.
Oh great.
And I was thinking of getting this, the pasta.
Doesn't that look great?
Erm… yeah… I have a voucher
and I'm not sure that applies?
Basically, it's… it applies to the children's menu.
So you can choose something off that?
Oh it's just I'm… I'm famished at the moment.
I'm really quite hungry.
So I was thinking I need quite a big meal.
Right, okay.
So… maybe if I, I'll just,
don't worry about the voucher…
if you go for something on the children's menu.
If you're okay with that. Yeah.
Then, we'll split.
So, we'll both save money.
Sorry, split what?
The bill?
We're not gonna split it halfway because
obviously the pasta will be more.
That's right, okay.
Yeah, sure.
That was… presumptuous of me.
No, that's okay, don't worry.
I wouldn't say it went well. Erm, I think she's a bit cheap.
She kept asking me about how much I earned.
There was a lot of squabbling over the menu.
So Janet, tell me a little bit about yourself.
What do you do?
Erm, so I'm a sales assistant.
Oh wow!
Yeah, I really like it.
Don't get paid enough though.
I know.
It's ridiculous.
Tell me about it.
It's terrible. Where do you work?
Er, I work in advertising.
Oh right. So, you probably get paid quite a lot.
I get… it's an alright wage, but erm…
I don't really like talking about money that much.
Sure, it's a bit vulgar, isn't it?
So, she didn't want to pay a tip.
I used to work in hospitality
and I wasn't very comfortable about that.
I actually ended up paying for the whole meal,
which I think was a little bit unfair.
So, if we split it, that's twen…
Sorry, can I just remind you we're not splitting it.
I'm paying with… a voucher.
The voucher, sorry… the voucher.
You're paying for...
So, let me have a look…
er, for you that would be £12 plus tip... that's 15…
Sorry, tip?
Oh, for the… for the waiter.
Oh no, that's discretionary.
Oh yeah, but they were so nice.
Yeah, but I don't have to pay them tip.
I didn't ask them to be nice.
I know you don't have to. I used to work in hospitality…
trust me… they don't get paid anything.
This is, this is how they… make their living.
Well, then they should have chosen another career.
Okay. I tell you what, I'll pay your tip. It's fine.
I don't feel that comfortable about…
Okay, I mean if you feel that strongly about it then…
that's fine.
Erm, can I just check you're also paying for the wine
and the garlic bread cos I didn't order that.
You did have quite a lot of the wine.
Ah, if she pays for the meal.
No, probably not.
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Bad Dates: Episode 2 - Cheap date

213 Folder Collection
Samuel published on January 17, 2018    方于文 translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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