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  • You're getting to be a big boy.

  • I'm just a kid who's four.

  • Each day I grow some more.

  • I like exploring.

  • I'm Caillou.

  • So many things to do.

  • Each day is something new.

  • I'll share them with you.

  • I'm Caillou.

  • My world is turning,

  • changing each day,

  • with mommy and daddy

  • I'm finding my way!

  • Growing up is not so tough,

  • except when I've had enough.

  • But there's lots of fun stuff.

  • I'm Caillou,

  • Caillou, Caillou, I'm Caillou.

  • Eh heh heh heh heh...

  • That's me

  • Come on kids.

  • It's Caillou storytime.

  • What's the story called, Grandma?

  • It's called

  • Caillou Isn't Afraid Anymore.

  • It all happened when Caillou was three years old.

  • Mr. Hinkle lived next door.

  • Lots of children said

  • there was a ghost in his scary old house.

  • Mr. Hinkle's house

  • sure looked spooky...

  • ...and so did Mr. Hinkle.

  • Why Caillou. What's the matter?

  • It's Mr. Hinkle. He's scary.

  • Why do you say that?

  • Mr. Hinkle is scary.

  • Look. He wants to catch me.

  • He's not there,

  • and besides, I know Mr. Hinkle,

  • and he's very nice.

  • Why hello there, Caillou.

  • Moooommmyyy.

  • Poor Mr. Hinkle felt sad

  • when he saw Caillou run away.

  • Don't be frightened.

  • Mr. Hinkle came over to say he was sorry

  • you were scared.

  • He's a really nice man.

  • I don't like him.

  • I think you're just afraid of Mr. Hinkle

  • because you don't know him.

  • Hello... can I come in?

  • Come in, Mr. Hinkle.

  • Caillou, Mr. Hinkle would like to... Caillou?

  • Oh but... where did Caillou go?

  • I don't know... he was here a minute ago.

  • Oh boy.

  • I think he's playing hide and go seek,

  • and I love playing hide and go seek.

  • Ready or not, Caillou. Here we come.

  • Now where oh where could he be?

  • Caillou. Where are you?

  • Shhhhh, Gilbert, they'll hear us.

  • Oooop...I think Caillou's hiding downstairs.

  • We're getting warmer.

  • I wonder if he's in here?

  • I don't see him.

  • No, he's not here.

  • Let's check another room.

  • There's only one place left

  • where Caillou could be.

  • I think I'm getting warmer... and warmer...

  • Caillou forgot all about being scared of Mr. Hinkle.

  • Aha.

  • Well, I'm glad to see you two are friends now.

  • I want to play again.

  • I'd like that very much, Caillou.

  • And this time, I'll hide and you can seek.

  • I like you, Mr. Hinkle.

You're getting to be a big boy.

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Caillou - Caillou's Not Afraid Anymore (S01E02) | Cartoon for Kids

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