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I don’t want to sound like a prick here, but there’s a reason critics so often slam
Dreamworks while praising Pixar. In fact, there are many reasons. But I think their
two current projects really encapsulate those reasons. As Pixar prepares for the launch
of the stunning-looking Brave, Dreamworks is about to release Madagascar 3.
My genetic biases to Brave aside, these animals are hideous.
And of course, with a big new summer movie people will inexplicably go watch in droves...comes
a video game designed to be a monetary leech on that success. I’m obviously thrilled
to be playing Madagascar 3 for the Nintendo Wii, and I’m happy to offer this in-depth
video review.
You play in pairs as characters from Madagascar 3. That includes a lion, a zebra, a hippopotamus
and a giraffe. Each one has a unique ability that helps you get through the game’s mind-numbingly
simple levels, comprised mostly of things to collect, a bunch of crates to smash...and
uh, abject vapidity.
From a technical standpoint, Madagascar 3 is about as mediocre as you’d expect a movie
game to be on the Wii in 2012. Low-poly, washed-out colors, looks like a game that would’ve
released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2. And even then, it would’ve been met with, “Meh,
it looks okay, but the PS2 can do a lot better than this.”
And then crap like this happens.
Thanks for the help, giraffe.
A second player can jump in and out any time, though, which is great for kids. The game
plays alright, too...if slowly, repetitively and utterly boring, as well. But if your children
are nagging you for a Madagascar 3 video game, I guess this is one.
No, monkey. Talking is the least of this game’s problems.
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CGRundertow MADAGASCAR 3 for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

1293 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on August 20, 2013
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