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  • Emma and Ryan.

  • Everyone loved you together in La La Land.

  • But this isn't the first time you worked together.

  • You worked together in Gangster Squad.

  • In Crazy Stupid Love, we've even seen you dance together before.

  • Interesting pose on me.

  • I noticed you're shirtless.

  • So it's double whammy.

  • But now what happened?

  • Because the dancing didn't go to plan in Crazy Stupid Love.

  • Uh no.

  • Oh... you mean the Dirty Dancing lift?

  • That's what I mean.

  • Yeah, we're meant to do that and then... What happened?

  • Oh you don't remember?

  • Well I remember but I'd like to hear you.

  • You'd like to hear me talk?

  • Listen, when I was, when I was about 7 years old,

  • Quick story. When I was about 7 years old,

  • I was in gymnastics class.

  • And I was on these parallel bars that are about 6 feet off the ground,

  • and I was standing on the top of the bars,

  • and the teacher was holding me by the ankles,

  • and somehow or other she let go.

  • And I was standing on this bar,

  • and I felt myself beginning to tip forward,

  • and I put my arms in like this,

  • and I felt six feet to the ground,

  • and I broke both my arms at the same time.

  • Yep and so I, you know, I spent the whole summer, I lived in Arizona,

  • which is like 120 degrees, which I don't know what that is in Celsius.

  • Hot.

  • Quite hot.

  • So I had a cast and all that you know it was just miserable.

  • It was the day before the last year of school.

  • Anyway, I internalized this experience. That's really important detail.

  • I really know how to tell a story.

  • Anyway, years later, I went to Crazy Stupid Love.

  • I know that we're gonna do the Dirty Dancing lifts.

  • I don't know however that I have internalized phobia of being

  • You know, lifted over someone's head at the height of about 6 feet.

  • So I run to do the lift and Ryan lifts me over his head.

  • And I, what did I do Ryan?

  • I've never had this happen but I imagined

  • if a possum fell out of the tree

  • and kind of scratch your eyes,

  • would be something similar.

  • It was a lot, and then it was like a full meltdown.

  • I mean I had like a real meltdown.

  • Yeah, you had to go...

  • I had to go...

  • You crawled in bed and watched the Labyrinth.

  • I have to go watch Labyrinth.

  • I lied down crying watching Labyrinth.

  • This is so stupid.

  • And then Ryan came in and he was like "you alright?"

  • And then directors came in and then we're all like "you alright?"

  • "We're gonna use the demo."

  • And I was like "great!"

  • By the way, Jennifer Connelly here's a revelation in this.

Emma and Ryan.

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Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling Failed at Dirty Dancing - The Graham Norton Show

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    Carol Chen posted on 2018/01/17
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