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Emma and Ryan.
Everyone loved you together in La La Land.
But this isn't the first time you worked together.
You worked together in Gangster Squad.
In Crazy Stupid Love, we've even seen you dance together before.
Interesting pose on me.
I noticed you're shirtless.
So it's double whammy.
But now what happened?
Because the dancing didn't go to plan in Crazy Stupid Love.
Uh no.
Oh... you mean the Dirty Dancing lift?
That's what I mean.
Yeah, we're meant to do that and then... What happened?
Oh you don't remember?
Well I remember but I'd like to hear you.
You'd like to hear me talk?
Listen, when I was, when I was about 7 years old,
Quick story. When I was about 7 years old,
I was in gymnastics class.
And I was on these parallel bars that are about 6 feet off the ground,
and I was standing on the top of the bars,
and the teacher was holding me by the ankles,
and somehow or other she let go.
And I was standing on this bar,
and I felt myself beginning to tip forward,
and I put my arms in like this,
and I felt six feet to the ground,
and I broke both my arms at the same time.
Yep and so I, you know, I spent the whole summer, I lived in Arizona,
which is like 120 degrees, which I don't know what that is in Celsius.
Quite hot.
So I had a cast and all that you know it was just miserable.
It was the day before the last year of school.
Anyway, I internalized this experience. That's really important detail.
I really know how to tell a story.
Anyway, years later, I went to Crazy Stupid Love.
I know that we're gonna do the Dirty Dancing lifts.
I don't know however that I have internalized phobia of being
You know, lifted over someone's head at the height of about 6 feet.
So I run to do the lift and Ryan lifts me over his head.
And I, what did I do Ryan?
I've never had this happen but I imagined
if a possum fell out of the tree
and kind of scratch your eyes,
would be something similar.
It was a lot, and then it was like a full meltdown.
I mean I had like a real meltdown.
Yeah, you had to go...
I had to go...
You crawled in bed and watched the Labyrinth.
I have to go watch Labyrinth.
I lied down crying watching Labyrinth.
This is so stupid.
And then Ryan came in and he was like "you alright?"
And then directors came in and then we're all like "you alright?"
"We're gonna use the demo."
And I was like "great!"
By the way, Jennifer Connelly here's a revelation in this.
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Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling Failed at Dirty Dancing - The Graham Norton Show

8532 Folder Collection
Carol Chen published on January 18, 2018    Carol Chen translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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