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Oh mobile agenda never illustrate this
trend the corner booth defend hostage ah

so tell shallower over down each Avenue

Dada you can see him disappearing - bye
- Danny

do they take them for expresso yeah get
sued on his lovers Armour girl I wish I

though there's gray
in sunny
the beginning has just begun when the
Sun Goes Down

so please meet me in the plaza near your
casa I'm only one and that one on an

evening in Rome
don't know what country is coming to but
in Rome do as the Romans do with you for

any real sort LJ leather woman on
anything in Rome

it wasn't that beautiful it wasn't what
beautiful but some are gondolier we say

a singing I thought he got his throat
caught in the rudder

thank you dear no I mean the gondolier
isn't he pretty

no no see when you refer to a man you
use the word handsome you are pretty I

am handsome
she is pretty he is sick

you may not be cute and handsome but I
will say one thing all right say whether

the best mouth mortician in Yonkers
I'll let something to be proud of 20

years without a single complaint don't
talk business and finds out how rich we

are he's liable up the price hey driver
Tommy they're cruel gondoliers oh are

you a gondolier
no I'm the captain of the Queen Mary I'm

just here because I got fresh with a
lady passenger

he'd make a beautiful anchor
Hey Goomba what's the fare on this
mozzarella mud scow scusi please no lien

on emergency brake line the boat did
some move

injure dialogue coach Pat Suzuki
that's gonna cost em extra
you want to get arrested for taking
people out and elique eat up like this

is a nice boat
she's a nice a leaky boat look at the

water in here don't look at me I never
touched this stuff

you tell sterling Hayden to go a little
faster English

don't be silly your drew her sille
even this wonderful charm and just the
two of us in Venice together

Charlie Pincus what are you reading well
it's a book on travel she covered a lot

of ground Oh Charlie how could you be
like that we traveled 5,000 miles to be

together in the most romantic city in
the world and so far it's been a total

loss they have pictures too
well I wouldn't say it was a total loss
after all we did visit the birthplace of

chef Milani Charlie you're always joking
to cover up why don't you do what you

really feel we're alone nobody can
interrupt us worry about me I ain't got

a joke for another page
dear baby in May
I don't understand you Charlie control
we were married you used to chase me you

were always trying to steal a hug or a
kiss so why not now dear after you've

won the battle it's too late for
guerrilla warfare well if you'd like to

know the truth charlie Pincus you have
never gotten past basic training okay

mark that you want to kiss I'll give you
a kiss

no no stupid oh you don't ask for your
kiss you throw your arms around and you

grab that's the way we're doing Italy
what do you write once you grab you take

a kiss no wonder we have to send the
money nobody's showing up at the office

that's how you make your beautiful wife
unhappy what do you know

fine look you're pushing the boat and I
show you how it's done

now please note that's the mergency
break for garbanza imagine him trying to

follow me now advancing the driver once
more around the canal clean you putting

a face you closed on a mine I see the
birdie I bore and look at that style

look at that control
look at those nostrils flare boy what he

could have done with his old nose
well thanks I think I've got it now I
said I've got it now

Thank you very hey half time all ashore
that's going ashore he was gonna run

aground whoa
wasn't emergency brake

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47 Folder Collection
小驢 published on January 14, 2018
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