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Oh,look.They printed it.
My poem.In the Morning Post
It looks like much better than in Christie's writing.Doesn't it?
This is a solemn moment,Mrs Drew. The golden moment in a writer's life
The moment when he sees his name in print for the first time
His foot in on the lowest ground
The ladder stretches up above him,up and up to untold heights
Well,Christie,can you scale it,you think?
I heard that,decent try,Sir
I can write,I know I can, Cochrane said I could
Charles Cochrane?
I send him my play to read.He asked me to go to see him at the theatre
Is he going to do it?
He said that one day he might be very glad to do a play of mine
but at the moment I haven't discovered pain and power
Life hadn't hit me with its full glory and sordidness
in short my play had not got harsh
I am utterly convinced and so is your mother
that great things will come to you in time
I am equally convinced that what you need at present is a bread and butter job
There never was an author born into this world who didn't had to eat
As your lead father's dearest friend I should like to put a proposition to you
May I visit you?
I need a secretary,if you think you care to fill the post
I promise I would wink of any lyric poetry mistakenly inserted in my sermon notes
Thank You ,Sir
That's wonderful.I always dreaded working in the bank
The vicar's secretary,they have splendid,
and if you find that you are not clever enough to be a writer
you could always be a clergyman
Hello,Christie,how is the play?
I'm stuck
Rotten luck
What's wrong? Is the vicar smothering your muse?
No,not Pevency,vicar.Not his fault.Mine
I need experience,experience of life
It's bad for writers to be sheltered,Robert
Look at Swinburne,Villon,Kit Marlowe
roaring and singing around the taverns of cheap-side,living,seeing and writing
He had heart,all right
Say,you're ambitious
Shut up,I'm talking French, you wouldn't understand
A farmer would,its filth that fertilize then rejuvenates the earth
It isn't pretty is it Bob?
It's beauty there, if you can see it
Do you ever read Kit Marlowe?
Would he,and Shakespeare for that matter,
had become the greatest poets and dramatists the world have ever known
if they hadn't seen life
I don't believe they would
Life doesn't come to you,you have to go out and look for it
A beer please
Bitter or ale,Dear
That'll be four pence,Dear
Oh,very sorry,my love you aren't sure
Stop it Herbie
You make him stop his legs
Herb,you can't take any liberty with Frankie now, you know
And when you was doing time she got herself mixed up with something posh
Jim,you,since when is a real woman,being posh
"How much,Mark.In a hurry, Bee,still there is plenty in the till"
"Because the Copsy spent the brass from his last job,now are getting mad"
His glory they just want the dog
And dug it up,when he come out, just like another dog
Oh,it's not worth it
I wouldn't know
Cops would always come out on top
Just says you,meet me here in three weeks time,and say that again
Hello,another job?
Give it a rest,makes you being here for half an hour
Where is it this time?
-Bank of England? -Glasgow
-And if we get the stuff.. -You get 5 years
Ah,mark it,it's essential,it can't go wrong
Who is in?
You know it is,his name is Jocko,he is a Scot,he is coming here tonight
Don't ask everyone to do a job
And picked his pals,we,I am hand picked,see
Oh,you'd liked it to be
Boy,will you would need it
Go out and play,I want to talk to Herbie
All right.,I was going anyway,it's my round
Don't do it,it's barmy
when every cop in England, saw a picture in Exeter Star
So what? If I get another stretch. What's that to you?
I would be in for 6 months,I come out Yeah,Frankie are you stuck on Jim?
He is stuck on me,more around, he wants to marry me
What's wrong with stuck on him too
Scared me Ida,as she was dead scared of Jim
I'm scared of him myself
That's why I've got to lay off with you
That waxes me
That fat over there,the one with the moon face and double chin
Ask her if she is stuck on Jim
I'll take her to the hospital
Yes.Chuck Jim.You got me back now
For how long? You go straight and I'll come back to you
You will have me in the Salvation Army,next.Oh,Frankie,it is not so easy
I've done it
That's rich,steady, you straight? Ha,ha,ha
Go on laugh.If I weren't Molly, and Monique,I may not be so good,I am on it
All right,all right
I'm not ashamed of anything I've done, sorry for nothing,Frankie,that's me
I'm sorry for nothing,Herb,that's me
It's Jocko.I must hop it
So long
Lend us a dollar to next month
Now Chris,sorry Jocko just a friend
All right.We'll go somewhere where you haven't any friends.Come on
Don't see where you are going?
Come on.It is still there.And it isn't milk
May I get you another?
The Dame would be charmed I'm sure
You keep your mouth out of it, or it will be mopped,sweetie
You great stark lump of nothing
And,who asked you to interrupt two ladies conversation
Making troubles between friends
Getting familiar right?
You wait until Gilliard about this
Frankie,she is not worth it
You get out of it and don't interfere
You are part wet pigeon
You laughing great filth
You harassed me..
Be naughty now,has your mouth out
Now Frankie,turning ginger
Look at those
Here to my love,Frankie
You yellow headed something
Ay,ay,thought that,queens very rude
Stretch on
Get me free,great boy,I am a lady. This is a free country
Just let me get her,just let me get her
Haven't you done enough of getting drinks and all
I did apologize,you know
That's right
You are welcome to buy another one,wasn't you?
-I was yes -Give me that to me
No,please don't bother
OK.How about that drink?
I got it.Drinks is clearly indicated
Clearly indicated? You do talk funny
What's your name?
-Kit -Kit what?
-Kit Marlowe -Kit Marlowe
That's nice.My thing
Thank you
Here is the Oakley Arms
-Come on -No.Let's go to somewhere quiet
The same to me
I live over there
120 Croyber Square
Lovely isn't it? Do you live somewhere posh as well?
I live in Serram Hill
No wonder you talk nice
Gentleman of leisure,right?
No.I am a Vicar...I write
What do you do?
I work at the Station Buffet
You're happy?
All I can grumble.
Anyone on in service taking out the morning tea
to some old trout who lays in bed all day
When I take out morning tea I take it to myself
Some not,sorry,Kit.Sorry over nothing Frankie.That's me
Don't worry.My landlady puts herself to sleep at nights with gin
Well,sit down.Seats are free
Don't be shy
You've been much with girls like me,have you?
I'm easy,see?
Just what I look like.Not like those inscrutable you writers write about
You make a living writing?
No.Not yet.I am going to.I've had a poem published
Go on.Read it to me
-You want to hear it -Yes,I'd like to
It's called Sunset
So bowed old Ben with heavy feet and slow towards..
Carry on
towards the splendor of the setting sun
your poor unworldly piece of day work done there by the shadows of verode you go
wind is quiet and the evening still and the roads so leveled
that the younger feet sound brisk and lively on the hard paved street
Yet you walked as though you climbed a hill
Go on
It's all
You'd like to keep it?
Yes.I'll put it somewhere safe
Fancy you writing all them funny things
I'll keep my treasures behind the grate and I won't forget where I put them
You'll go far.I can see that
I'll take it up and read it when I am old and you're famous
I can't see you old
That's nice of you
Jim says that too.In that certain way you do
My man.He is a fireman
He's the chap that chokes the fire,not the kind that puts them out
He is on the Mersey Land Express, 6 10 from Euston
Does he know..
That I ask my friends in for a drink,of course he don't
Jim knew you was here he do me good and proper
Don't buy much to make him better though,
He is a kind of likes it,for some that do
Hello.Cheer me
Jim is jealous,he has to have his own sweet way
There is no one worth a row of fins to Jim but him
The verve that goes them railway engines
couldn't they can go without the help of Mr Fireman,Jim,
He is the one that pulls the train, the engine only helps him
Come on,son, enjoy give over dreaming of the girl you left behind you
Stuff her up and she will go to the boil
Why not taking your friend back for a change
Hello Sam
Give up and walk out of that railwayman
And take someone up with a criminal fate
Men always say.Why not that with you. Nothing is too good for me
I guess that someone else has said
And so do I
And who are you?The King of Spain?
Good Night Your Majesty.Thank you.
You are not good to any girl who expects respectability to be around with you
Fancy a little bad seed just like your Lordship said you was
Say that again
Don't worry,you will hear it said again next for Friday
You shut your mouth or I'll do it for you
See that he is threatening,assault and battery,he is going to murder me,he is
Oh,I'm frightened.I am going home to mum
Now what you done,murder me
You drive a man to murder
-Hear,what's this about? -He is jealous
She doesn't belong to him
Ah,stow it you all!
You there,cool down,old mate!
They are silly those gentlemen
It's pity they don't teach manner in this class..
She is saucy to put that frankly
Shut up about the Frankie
Whose that?
It's me
I just come to say that I am sorry
You have no cause to talk to me like that
Look at what you have done to my skirt
I lost my temper, Frankie
Never see you these days
and now the night I'm leaving you are leading this path again
Yes.Let's forget about him. Let be lovers as we used to be,hey!
All right.Who is he anyway?
He comes from Serram Hill
And Herb,he treats me like a lady
Hold my arms in the street, walks on the outside
So he will grow out of that
How old is he?
About twenty he is clever then about thirty
I shall get him pushed
And Herb,he calls me White Swan
Is he goofy?
His white swan
Love a duckie must be daft
What's his name?
Oh,come on
-It's Kit -Kit what?
Kit Marlowe
There's an amount of tea who belongs Brago OK
I know
Hey,Frankie,just in case keep this up warm for us
I'll put it behind the grate
That's just over a couple of hundred quid
I harp it
That's the matter with Jocko who done it
I've a secret hiding place
Sure.I leave my assignment
Don't do nothing silly
I don't you to worry as soft as butter and as fat
I'll come back rich,maybe rich enough to have a go at going straight
Come on Frankie.Give us a kiss
Well,so long
-Wish me luck -Good Luck Herbie
I've got some beer on my dress,service fault
That's was him just now,come to apologize
What's beaten you? You got a poem on your mind?
You know you are strange
Somehow there is two of you,one that say,Frankie you are wrong
another one say, Frankie, I like rotten girls
Not rotten.Rotten is mean, vicious,greedy
and above that you are gay and generous,lovely
That's nice
It just departed in some guys here we catch in Liverpool
And crawling into the pubs in Scotland Row
Sorry said Leaky,I am not going all around this evening
evening is no work in my days bill when the stuff is waiting out for you
Keep smiling
Off we go
You'll get your London train in time to see you smoking out with the girl
Come on,hurry up Sunshine
Or you never catch that lodger of yours
Signing it off at 11 20
Well we didn't make it in time for the Old Swan,still you are too young
for public eyes,wait to get to my age
then perhaps you could say be inside "de lemonade"
So long,sunny Jim
Quiet now the train has stopped
Isn't it
Sometimes I wish it wasn't
Makes me frightened
Let me in
I'm coming just a second
Come on open that door or I batter it in
That way
-Will you be all right? -Quick
You've been with Herb
No,Jim,I haven't
I heard the windows
What's that?
Going sun bathing?
I was just getting into bed
Being seeing double too,hey!
Oh,no,I wished
No,we'll see
You're a liar!
Coming here and I'm still in Liverpool
I told you to lay off with Herbie, I come right back here and catch him
Now I'm going to make sure you too lay off with Herbie
-Who is it? -Jim
I've come to stay for keeps
What are you staring at?
What's the matter with you?
Give me a drink,I'm dumb
I saw Frankie in the pub tonight
With Herb.They had quite a tryst
I haven't seen Frankie,I'm straight here
I left the railway depot and straight to you
Christie,dear,you were late in last night
Not so very late ,mother
Here is the check for my poems for the Morning Post
I hope you're going to save it,dear
No you have it mother. Please I like you to.My first
How sweet of you
And lots more,wait until I have done the play
You will never finish a new one with this rate
It isn't the new one, it is the earlier steps
I'm rewriting it
Thank you,Mother
Sorry for nothing,Frankie,that's me
I've never done it.I must shrug off
Kit Marlowe has done it
The couple was meeting after I left
Can or Can? I can't find that you didn't it yet
But I'm not a police . Your records not so good
But I have an alibi,I've been with you
I can't again,then,I know the police
Think my records not so good either
I'm thinking when you say that you came up to Glasgow
the very night the lassie was murdered, and you say you came to do a job with me
I'm thinking the police maybe will they understand
The one I'm thinking of anyway, we cannot do this job now
Jocko.If I had done her in I would take all my brass now,wouldn't I?
Can and Can.I am no policeman, I keep telling you
The police would say
that you have done it for the money, than lost your nerve and left without it
The police
They got a daft and crazy way of thinking, laddie
I tell them just what happened
They won't believe you
They don't trust our fellowmen.
I doubt them have a pretty accurate description of your clothing
Maybe I can fix you up and a with a mustache maybe
I'll go back to London
and lay of some of the clothes in the river where the cops will never see them
London is big enough to hide me in,Jocko
The world is not so small you know
I know London.London is big
London is big,best you go to Hampton park
Latest about the murder
Excuse me Miss
This shop is shut
Heartless.Have a heart
I'm sorry I'm not working overtime.I got to be home
You're the lucky one,Miss, I've not got a home
Pardon me,could you fix me up?
It'll cost you a tenner if I do
That won't break my heart
Not particular?
No.Not foresee.I can't afford to be
Jackson 17 Ship Lane
Thanks Miss.Here's your tenner
Give it to me tomorrow.
If you are suited
Thank you, Miss
Good Night
Good Evening Miss
I am sorry but..
Sharp shot.Your tenner,Miss.Thank you
So you got fixed up all right?
Sure I told you I wasn't fussy
-Fag? -I don't smoke
Are you doing anything tonight?
Got my tea at home
Tell me,Miss,what's your name
It's Rosie
Why not me when you had your tea?
What you're shy?
Maybe I got another fellow meeting me
I'll chuck him up
Didn't say I had
We would have a drink or two
I don't drink,thank you
What about a little walk?
-I don't.. -I don't walk,thank you
Walk? Where to?
That's up to you.I'm not particular
"Read about the murder,read all about it"
You haven't told me what your name is yet
"and forgive us our trespasses,as we forgive them their trespass against us"
"and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil,Amen"
How is your boy friend Rosie?
Tell us about him
Ask no questions,Dave,and you hear no lies
What's the matter?
Why don't you let us meet him?
Aren't we good enough for your Mr Jack?
Come on Dave I'm hungry
All right,Nicola,I fill you full of eclairs
-Coming Rosie? -No,I'm meeting Jack
Why not bring his high mighty ship along
We don't like eclairs
"Reward for the capture of Herbert Logan" read all about it
I thought you were never coming
I'm sorry
I was kept late at the shop
Mrs Jackson came in and told me that you have moved
I had to get a place nearer my work
You are not in trouble are you?
I got something I must tell you
Can you take it?
All depends,Jack
It won't make any difference for us,would it?
Of course it won't
First of all my name is not Jack
It's Herb
That don't make you,Jack..Herb
Don't you read the papers?
Not much.Except the picture ones
Did you never hear about a murder?
Down in Croyber Square
Yes.Dave and Grace talk about it quite a bit
Good riddance to her Dave said
She wasn't all that bad
You knew her?
Yes,and they got me lined up for that job
You didn't do it Herb
I never did.I swear I never did.A fellow called Kit Marlove had done it
Please believe that.Please
What's the use of telling me you didn't it
don't you realize every minute you hide away make it so much worse
Well if I give myself up what happens?
Can't you see?
They got a victim, as long as someone swings,who cares
If they'll do,it won't be me
I'll stay out
I got to find this Marlowe, he's the one,I got to find him
Herb,I'm so afraid for you
I told you,just between the two of us, because I couldn't keep it to myself
If that come all to it,nor could I
All right Grace saved you from a power of trouble
That's right Dave ,consulted where I could
You never should have done
Now listen, I've been looking up the law,see
"even if you given no assistance to a person who has committed a felony
anyone who knows of his guilt
commits an offence if they don't communicate the information"
He swears he didn't do it
And did you ever seen the man who didn't swear he didn't do it?
(Grace) That's right
You know what you are doing,Rosie,don't you?
Keeping information from the police,accessory they call it
And in the case of murder you could get penal servitude for life
It isn't true
Oh,yes it is true all right
I've got it all here in black and white
Thanks Nicholas Come scar..a trich(intent italian)
Grazie.That's italian for thank you
-Now look Rosie -Now listen
That fellow never should have told you
As he has you got to go to the police
But do you really would think he would have told me if he had done it?
I couldn't tell the police not now that they have passed this reward
Hundred quid,I haven't got it,doesn't do
to look a gift horse in the mouth they say
But he trusts me
Been so sweet to me
I wouldn't call it sweet to put you in a spot like this I call it downright criminal
Besides he might do it again
Or you know he's working to have a go at you
Or anyone
You owe it to society,that's what I say
Y-o-u o-w-e i-t t-o s-o-c-i-e-t-ty
Gracie,what am I to do
You leave it to me
When are you meeting him again?
What time?
At two
Where Rosie?
In a church yard,Newington
That's fine
Don't you look a treat
I tell you something
I think I'm getting sweet on you
Rosie,give us a kiss
No,Herb,not here there is people everywhere
They are not going to kiss you,only me
What's that?
Why so ladylike?
Let us sit down Herb
-I'm tired -What.Tired already?
Crikey.We haven't even started yet
Have you ever seen Crystal Palace?
Would you like to have another squiz of it? Come on
Let's go on the top of a bus and catch the sun
I love the sunshine. Makes me wonder how wrong
all the songs I ever heard till I bussed myself
"Oh all Rosies in London is a wonderful sight"
Don't worry.The police have forgotten all about me
Yes.Yes they have.Let's go. Let's go now quickly
You're Herbert Logan? I have a warrant
Come and get who has done it?
Honestly I know his name
That's fine
You are going to be a little gentleman and come along with us?
Please.I'll come
Let me say good-bye to her?
She's been really nice to me
All right
But get it move on,there is a car waiting
Well Rosie
Look so the outing is off after all
Why don't do the Crystal Palace trip on me?
-No,Herbie,wouldn't be -All right
We'll do it when I have cleared myself,it won't take long
Say this day next week, same time same place
-All right? -Yes,Herb
Well,good-bye for now
Nice working it,thanks
All right,come along Logan
Anything that matters?
-No.Thank You Officer -Good night ,Sir
And now Mr Heal,can you tell us of any other men
than the prisoner whom you knew to be acquaintances of Frances Ketchen?
Did you ever hear the deceased speak
of her alleged midnight visitor,Kit Marlowe?
Never.Thank you
After you have signed off at the railway depot
why didn't you turn your steps towards the house in Craven Square?
Because,Sir, I thought her bloke would be there
And why did you think that?
Well,Sir,I knew he had a round with her when my back was turned
Thank you,Mr Heal
No questions,My Lord
Call for John Craigie Glenn
I swear by Almighty God,that the evidence I shall give
shall be the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth
Your name is John Craigie Glenn?
That's right
Or Jocko to your friends?
I,you can call me that rather,I never mind
Very friendly of you,thank you
And now,Mr Glenn,
will you tell the court if Herbert Logan came to Glasgow on the night in question?
I,he did
And will you tell us why?
He came to do a job with me
A burglary to put it bluntly
Put it to the hear what you like i,Sir, I don't mind
And you came forward as a witness,
even though you are a burglar, self confessed?
Will you tell us why?
Because I am not a man to save my skin by letting a laddie swing for somebody else
Just because you english policemen don't do that job
I find the witness's comment on the police superfluous
I believe in that
Now,Mr Glenn,is Logan not a friend of yours?
Ay,he's a decent one
And every word he said in here has been Gospel truth
May one ask precisely who it is that you know what he has been saying here?
I,you mean?
Then what is the answer Mr Glenn?
Perhaps I can provide the answer for you,
the answer is that you both agreed upon the story you would tell in court
Ay,that's right.Unless emergency we would both agree to tell the truth
One final question ,Mr Glenn,am I not right in thinking
that at least on one occasion,if not more,
you have been convicted in the past of perjury?
Maybe I have,but not this time
Regrettably I cannot share your confidence
I tell you the the truth and nothing but the truth,so help me God
Thank you
Have you been in at it? We had a pint together many times
but as I tell his blooming Lordship,
if ever I see a man look murderer, that was Herb that night
Oh,Frankie you would have laughed to see her name in headlines,hey
I'll tell you something, Herb is for the drop
When that lawyer fellow get started on him he has not got a bin out
He is in a rot,sorry I'm telling you
Now,Logan,you admit
that when you told the police that you never visited the house that night
you lied.I put it to you that your statement that you went to Glasgow
to commit a burglary is false as well
No,Sir,it isn't
I put it to you that you murdered Frances Ketchen,that you panicked
that then by chance found your way on to a Glasgow train
No,Sir,I never killed her
You admit that you quarreled with her in the Public House that night?
Then presumably you went around
to found Ketchen's house and said "I am very sorry I was rude"
Yes,Sir,I did just that
Remarkably magnanimously of you wasn't it?
And then,no doubt, this non existent midnight visitor
this figment of your feeble mind,Kit Marlowe,
daft as he,draft in and murdered her
Kit Marlowe,Logan,was a poet of considerable genius,
who flourished in the days of Queen Elizabeth
and although,no doubt, his moral was in tune with those licentious time
one hardly thinks it likely his spirit would return to earth
to visit Frances Ketchen in a tenement in Lenten town
And yet without one single solemn shred of evidence,
that is what you are asking the jury to believe
That Frances Ketchen died from strangulation
at the hands of someone who doesn't exist
But he does exist,I swear, he does exist,Kit Marlowe does exist
Take him back
Mr Hall?
Yes,Sir Huntley
My Lord,members of the jury,
It is not for us to consider the possibility or even the probability
that Herbert Logan murdered Frances Ketchen
Our sole consideration must be whether on the evidence
the charge that Herbert Logan murdered Frances Ketchen has been proved
In my submission it has not
Herbert Edward Logan
Members of the jury,are you agreed upon your verdict?
We are
Do you find the prisoner Herbert Edward Logan
guilty or not guilty of the willful murder of Frances Ketchen?
And that is the verdict of you all?
Prisoner at the bar you stand convicted of the crime of wilful murder
Have you anything to say
why the court should not give you judgment according to law?
No,I've never done it,I've never done it, on my oath I've never done it
Oh yeah,oh yeah,oh yeah
My Lord,the King's justices do strictly charging about all persons
to keep silence,while sentence of death is passing on the prisoner at the bar
upon paying of imprisonment, God Save the King
Herbert Edward Logan the jury of your countrymen have found you guilty of murder
The sentence of the Court is that you'll be taken from this place
to a lawful prison and thence to a place of execution
and that you 'll be there hanged by the neck until you be dead
And that your body be afterward buried
within the precinct of the prison in which you were last confined
before your execution
And may the Lord have mercy upon your soul
I should have seen that one
That makes us quit,say
Have you got anything to read?
Yes Sir,I can't see it taking it in though,Sir
I gather that you have not been sleeping too well
No Sir.That church clock keeps me awake
That girl of yours has called again. Do you still refuse to see her?
-Yes -I see
I'll tell her not to come here anymore
Did she send those?
Don't you like them?
Not if she
All right I'll see her then
God lad
Is it lonely?
No.I've got company
Don't hate me Herb?
I don't hate you,that what makes it worse
But why did you do it Rosie?
Those people said,got scared
I know you didn't do it,I knew in the afternoon in that church yard
It was
Yes,I say it was.Still you got your hundred quid
I haven't touched it
I gave it all to your petition
You should have a kept a quid or two back for the reed
Herbert,don't.I knew it is all my fault
I love you
Cut it out.I can't stand it if you
Hear,take her out,take her away
Take her away
Whatever happen to us,I'll always love you
And although I did not kill Frances Ketchen
I was in her room which I described above
after Herbert Logan left that night to catch the Glasgow train
It's signed Kit Marlowe
Well I'm there?
It isn't evidence.The Home Secretary can't act on that
I'm afraid you're right
Because you've always be convinced that Logan didn't do it haven't you?
Still you had a too good a case
Why can't the fellow come forward?
They'll never do
Probably someone with a place in life to loose
How is that petition doing?
Well,that and this between them might carry some weight
I never slept a wink last night
and when I did,I dreamt of Herb
I am awfully grub at all
Pity you're not off the beer
You turn it in,I only told the judge what I have seen
You ain't the only one that see things
I seen her one night before she was copped it,with a fellow
I mean it weren't Herbert Logan either
But you never told the police
I don't like publicity
Then we have to see a fellow swinging for a job he had never done
If I told the police it wouldn't help him then?
Might now with this
What's that then?
A petition,that's what,here,you sign, right here,Alistair Sams
-It's all right to put my mark? -Yeah
Come on boys,I want you to sign this petition for Herbie Logan
Come on over here
Logan,I've just received this communication from the Home Office
I read it to you
The Home Secretary has advised His Majesty
to commute to penal servitude for life
a sentence of death passed on Herbert Edward Logan
Hello Rosie
What's you going do do with the money,duck?
She's going to take me to Monte Carlo
Aren't you?
What's the matter Rosie?
You've been backing the horses and done it all
Logan's case saved,read all about it
You can't keep me here,I'm innocent
Come on Logan,you only think you haven't done it
I've never done it,I'm innocent
Look here Herbert Logan,I won't punish you this time,if you don't behave yourself
I've never done it.I'm innocent
Will you be sensible
Sir,I'm innocent
It maybe so,or may not
In any case it is no concern of mine
My job is to find out to you that
even while you have done your fifteen years and your case comes up for review
you won't get out of here unless your conduct sheet is pretty clear
Right Sir
Prisoner,right turn
Straight back
This fellow Drew is worth watching, he writes poetry and prose
I'm going to the British public that it is a first class play
And then he is bound to be a flop
Hello Rosie.How are you keeping?
Did you get my letters?
It's no good,I'll never give you up
I do think it what is best for you
I love you.I know what is best for me. I do not want anything else
Now Chris,such a wonderful sense of breeze
What's the matter darling?
Mary,I want to marry you but
Well,but what?
I don't deserve such heavens
Perhaps you did
But I do
I always dreamed about a white house
What a marvelous green
You can see the whole of London
Let's call it High Grove
High Grove?
You really like it Mary?
Oh,I think it is wonderful
Logan,now it is up to you
You got any plans?
Yes,Sir.I'm going to prove that I'm innocent
You're a funny chap
you've been in here for fifteen years and never lost your faith
Good bye
And Good Luck
-Herb -Hello
I'd never think it was today
Just look at me
That's all I want to do
Come on,Rosie,give us a kiss
Fifteen years
I've got my dinner on
I'll get you something too
Don't you like it?
I like it all right,
but my tummy make it sore taking all my prison meals in one
Ease it up,take your tummy by surprise
Herb,will you get a job,all right?
That is not so easy,prisoners don't take the mark inside,it's afterward
I've saved a bit but only pay me back when we get married
What? You wouldn't want to marry me?
Why not?
How would you like it?
There goes Rosie Logan,her old man is just out of prison for murder
It's not for what people say, what I know myself
Grand.That's what you are Rosie
Sorry.Logan,we've nothing for you,come again next week
I've heard that for a year and more.Look guv.
Since I come out I've only had one job and that didn't last
Until they got to know about me
I've wife and kiddie,they sacked her when the boss found out about me
You've got to give me something
Mr Logan,we are doing all we can,
but we've no power to make employers give you work
That's good.That's very good.
Your face is character,my friend, I'll paint you, come tomorrow
No,I'll paint you when the rusted leaves of autumn fall,come back 6 months from now
Excuse me,guv.But do you live here?
If any artist could be said to live,I do.Why?
Do you like the house?
I wouldn't say I liked it but I know it
Everybody does.For many years ago
a girl was foully done to devil by old Moor,that's why I live here,brother
There is nothing like a murder on the premises for keeping down the rent
Forgive me
I must return to work,remember when the first leaves fall,
you and I will give the world a masterpiece
Meantime I have a railway poster to complete,Good Bye,a railway poster
Herb,you must be soaked
Take off your coat and come up to the fire
Any luck?
How is the kid?
What's up with you,you've been crying
Is he worse?
They said this place should have been pulled down years ago
If we want Jack to get better, we must take him out of here
We must both
Rosie,believe me,that money is still there,maybe
No what money?
The money I gave Frankie the night Marlowe done her in
It was hidden in the room in Croyber Square
But it was more than 10 years ago
No one has lived there since except the crazy painter bloke
He wouldn't see a pot of gold if it was left out of the hole
How would you get it?
Can't ask it for it,can I?
No,don't do it please
If you get caught they will send you back to prison
The what will become of Jack
It's him I am thinking of
He has to grow up strong and healthy in a decent home
The money is still there,it's only for one to pick it up
I'm just collecting my pay back after fifteen years breaking stones
Aren't you going to wish me luck?
Good Luck,Herb
Come back
Come back
Who is that?
Good Evening,Logan.I'm detective inspector Benstead.Remember me?
Yeah.That was you who picked me up
What do you want?
I've been checking out on you at the labour exchange
I had a talk with the barrister there,he'll give you a job,
go and see him tomorrow morning
It's true,I wouldn't believe it..
From a copper wouldn't you?
I've got a wife and kiddie, the same as you,Logan
Good Night
-Thanks.Good Night -Good Night
Good Night
When I saw him at the door I nearly died
Yes,so did I
Open it
Tomorrow we take a look round for our claim
What's that?
Looks like a bit of verse
"So bowed old dame" ah doesn't mean anything
"So bowed old dame,heavy beaten slow, towards the splendor of the setting sun"
"Poor unworthy piece of day work done,by the shadows of the road"
Fill Jack's bottle will you, milk is hot enough now
"Always be in the at if you can I'd say"
"And then there was the real set too"
"His story is shaking me and..
we just going to lam out at me when I run out of the house"
"For good male voice:are you sorry?
"female voice:No,I mustn't grumble,
at least I'm honest,I may not be so good but I'm honest"
"I'm not ashamed of anything I've done,sorry for nothing Millie,that's me"
Sorry for Millie
"You have just heard the first part of the Area,
the famous play by Christopher Drew"
-Give me the bottle -What was his name,Christopher something
"he produced it fifteen years ago, a debut of broadcasting of the author"
"The second part follows after an interval of 10 minutes at 7 40"
Here,Rosie,look here The Area Steps by Christopher Drew
That's him,Kit Marlowe
What makes you so sure?
That's how Frankie talked
It's him all right,I know it is
Have you got the Area Steps by Christopher Drew?
Oh,no.That's a very old play, it is out of print
Anything by him would do
We have some of his poems
The newly published poems in Collected Works only just come in
"a great reckoning in a little room"
It is a line written by Shakespeare about a fellow dramatist called Marlowe
Where can I found out more about this bloke Drew?
He's got two columns in Who's Who
-Whose what? -Who's Who
It's kind of record of successful people, written largely by themselves
Grant's College Serram Hill
High Grove
The treasury that gave us Shakespeare, the treasury that gave us Shaw and
Shall I say it?Yes,why not.He's giving me a box for the first time of his new play
The treasury that gave us Christopher Drew
Ladies and Gentlemen and those with their elbows on the table
I give you a toast of Christopher and Mary,
coupled with a toast of Christopher's collective poems
Ladies and Gentlemen,and those with their faces in the fruit salad
I thank you for your friendship, on my own behalf and Mary's
Though deeply grateful for the fame
and put it in the context,cash, I play them puts of broth
the things I value most
is seated around this table now
my wife,my children,all of you
Yes,solemn Annie
When I look round and see you all
I think how lucky I've been
and no man,least of all myself, is worthy of such luck
There's a candle lit for everyone of daddy's books
just think of writing all those books, just think of reading them
If you don't shut up I'll make you read them one by one
Come on,Dad,no cheating, blow them out all at once
Huge blow
Come on,Ben,all we get up
-Good night,father -Good night,darling
Excuse me,Sir,a man came to see you, he was hanging about the garden
What sort of a man?
A rough sort,didn't like the look of him
-Give his name? -Logan,Herbert Logan
He said he would call back later
I will see him if he does
That's likely to be him now,Sir
Mr Drew
I'm Herbert Logan
Don't you remember me?
No,I'm sure,we have never met
We've never met before but I've been looking forward to it
It's kept me going thinking that for sixteen years
Fifteen of them in jail
Mr Logan,would you kindly tell me just what you come to see me for?
You were Kit Marlowe,weren't you?
The only Kit Marlowe I know of died in the reign of Queen Elizabeth
I heard that at the trial,thank you
Frankie told me all about you
Frankie? Who is Frankie?
The girl you strangled down in Croyber Square sixteen years ago
You were Kit Marlowe and you murdered Frankie
Mr Logan,I'm afraid your imaginations running away with you
I heard your play on the wireless, sorry for nothing,that's me
That's what Frankie always said, I found out other things as well
You were 21 just what Frankie said,
you went to school in Serram Hill, just like she said
She also said you were coming in that night
You are in.I know you are
How dare you come here and talking like this
It's not often I am accustomed to being pestered by lunatics
but this is too much,will you go at once please
Otherwise I should be obliged to call the police
You call the police,I'll give them all their proofs if they want
You mean this story about the girl being in my play
all authors,Mr Logan, find their characters
identified in people they never knew existing
I was 21 sixteen years ago,so were several thousands other people
I went to school in Serram Hill because I lived in Serram Hill
Lots of people do,you know
I hate to say this you run the risk of being certified
Now would you kindly go
I am mad,am I?
Perhaps I was to think you come forward now
What killer would
You're clever
Frankie said you were
You got all the answers pat
I admit I can never prove you were Kit Marlowe
but I know you were, and so do you
I swear it as God is my judge and yours,
One day he will judge you
One moment
It's just one point about your case as it occurs to me
I seem to remember that there was a woman who
See,here we are, Olive Mockson,
she testified that a certain fireman on the railway, a Heal
could not have been with this Frankie
at the time she was murdered as he was with her
I don't understand
An alibi,Logan,if this Olive Mockson was in love with Heal
an alibi might have not been too sound
Worth considering,you think?
He is undoubtedly be guilty of misprision of felony
Prosecution for that is very rare
But the cove in your play would be absolutely ruined
letting an innocent man rot in prison rather than stand up to it
Justified disgrace
The whole of society would be after him,the papers,fellows in parliament
No one would have the slightest mercy for him
The disgust of his fellowmen would follow him into the grave
Yes.So I imagined it would have been
Hey,give the pubs a miserable, we can't stick to lemonade
I've never touch a drop until I become a driver
-Well,so long Jim -So long
Be careful if it can't be good
Are you Jim Neal?
That's me
It's Logan,Herb
You clear off.There is no one who wants to mix with you
I've got some questions I want to ask you,Mr Heal
Who is it?
It's all right,Olive,my miss wouldn't like you hanging about here ,Logan
Olive Mockson.Is she your mrs?
Sorry I can't help you
I know who had done it,Jim
I found him
Turn off that noise
What has that got to do with me?
I know who was with Frankie that night
A writer named Drew who was with her,all right
You said he was there,he must have known that,after she has done to him
You got no proof about this Drew
The cops would laugh at you
Detective Inspector Benstead don't do, the cop that picked me up,he listens to me
Always get's a bit too sentimental when the copper who nicked you does
Suppose Drew had been with Frankie,
just supposing he knew who it was had done her in
We got to force it out of him, see then I got what I want
I'll tell you something.That fellow Drew would talk one day.I'll make him
Sure as I'm standing here
You are wasting your time,mate,drop it
Here,have this beer
Until you find your wallet
Yeah,when I can get it,I was scavenger, not an engine driver
I'll say it's been tough for you,pretty awful if you've never done it
There's only one thing kept me going
the certainty that one day I'd find the real murderer
Look mate,I always thought that you've done it
What else was I to think?
I want you to know that I don't bear you no malice
So what say you if I try to fix you at the depot with a job
There is more talent in that then street sweeping
Railwayman? I could use some extra dole
You will get it enough to buy yourself a pint while you can forget all this
All gone and done with
I'll tell you what
I'm going to see Charlie now, he is the foreman
I'll speak to him about you,so we better meet up at the old..
No,I never go in there before I put myself right before the world
I walk in there again one day
Come to think of it
Why not come along and see Charlie with me?
Why not?
I'm going down the depot
I'll take it with the boiler before I go
We shan't be long
You been fixed up all right?
We can celebrate with a wet at Plate layer's Arms
Come on
That's not the way to the depot is it?
We go by the tunnel,saves time
I know the road
Road is not here,this is our bit
Here,hold this while I light my pipe
So you killed Frankie
Frankie is dead,I won't wake her up again
Now I just make certain she doesn't
There is someone I got to do right by
Get the police quick,quick
And he confessed?
Yeah, he confessed but even that it is not good enough
Detective Inspector Benstead said
lots of people,when they are dying, confess of murders they never did
I've got to get corroborative proof he says
How would you get it?
From Mr Drew,I'm seeing him tonight
I phoned him at the theatre,he's rehearsing a new play
I said I got to see him,something new,you see, that concerned him
Get a taxi,says he,and wait for me outside the theatre
We'll go somewhere quiet
Somewhere quiet?
I'll take him somewhere quiet
Aren't you going home,Sir, it's getting very late
Don't worry Sir,people are saying it's the best thing you've done
-Good Night Sir -Good night
Is this where you live?
This way Mr Drew
Why not sit down? The seats are free
It was Jim Heal then?
Yes it was,he confessed in the presence of witnesses
Will that clear you?
No.Not yet it doesn't.I need proof
In a word,just one word from someone else
-Who? -You,Mr Drew
Jim Heal said he killed her because she was with another man
All you got to do is to say it was you
It was you,was it not?
Logan,you accuse me of murder
now you are accusing being with an unknown woman in a room I've never seen
Haven't you Mr Drew?
Look.Look around
Can't you hear her?
Can't you hear laughing the way she did?
Sorry for nothing,Frankie, didn't she say that?
Didn't she?
If you are not going to talk I'll bet there's something here that will
Frankie had a hideaway somewhere
somewhere where she kept her valuables, like under the boards maybe
Didn't you never give her something,Mr Drew?
I'll bet I could find something if I look
Have you read Heal's confession?
Indeed I have.I've got a copy
May I see it?
Sure,I'll get it
"You are writing old funny things,
I'll put it somewhere safe read it when I'm old,and you're famous"
Is this what you are looking for?
This poem you wrote
What's it got to do with it?
Proof you've been in this room before
We are quite alone
And that's how it's always going to be until
Just you and me until you want to tell the truth
I was here that night
But I could never make you understand why I let you suffer like this
I was young ambitious,my life then was so sheltered,narrow minded
I had not only myself to think of
Then once I started it became more difficult
I know I can't make it up to you but you can have all the money you need
Money.I don't want your money
Logan,it's my wife and children against yours
I gone so far I can't go back
I'm not going to speak
You are not going to?
I'll do anything else you ask me but
not that
Ah,Mr Drew maybe now you'll feel some of the things I felt for 16 years
In the end justice has caught up with you
I wonder how many of us would have the courage
Hello,brother.Is everything ookiedookie?
Yes it is
-I must.. -I say
When the first leaves fall
Sure,sure,thanks a lot
I'm cleared Rosie
I think I got to cry
You are terrible feeble Rosie, crying is not going to top me
Crying,when I got a proof I'm innocent
I bet you have hysterics when I get my pardon,love
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For Them That Trespass 1949

229 Folder Collection
sunny published on January 13, 2018
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