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  • Aah! Did you hear that?

  • Hear what?

  • No man. I really hope the storm goes away soon.

  • Aah! There it is again!

  • Hello?

  • [ All Scream ]

  • I think the Slugman's after us.

  • I don't want to be slug food!

  • Shh! Don't let him hear us!

  • Ice bear wants to live.

  • Panda, Listen! There is no slug man.

  • That was just an old story we used to tell at summer camp.

  • But the noises.

  • It's just the rain.

  • [ Thud, Glass shatters. ]

  • [ A;ll scream ] It's the slug man!

  • Grab Chloe! move, move!

  • Wait! wait up!

  • Whoa, Guys! wait!

  • Okay, secure the room! Stay right here, Chloe!

  • Containing the Chloe.

  • Wait, But we---hey, guys--ugh!

  • Don't worry, Chloe. We got you.

  • Stop! Just listen!

  • No. It;s not safe out there, Chloe.

  • You are our sweet baby angel, and we made a promise.

  • to your father to keep you safe. It's our duty.

  • Grizz, come on. It's the rain making that noise.

  • Hush, Sweet child. You're delirious from fear.

  • We've got this completely under control.

  • I'm just gonna borrow this for a sec.

  • I'm gonna give your dad a quick update.

  • Huh?

  • [ Gasps ] No service?

  • Panpan, Call Mr. Chloe's dad.

  • Yeah, Sure.

  • I think my phone is still in the living room, Grizz.

  • - I can go get it. -Good idea, Chloe.

  • One of us--Not you, though--

  • Is going to have to investigate.

  • The pretzels will decide our fate.

  • Little bro.

  • Panpan.

  • [ Whimpers ]

  • Be strong, Panda.

  • Ice bear will tale of brave brother.

  • Oh, Please.

Aah! Did you hear that?

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Keeping Chloe Safe I We Bare Bears I Cartoon Network

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    Jin Wang posted on 2018/02/01
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