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  • Only a few days into 2018 and President Trump tweeted

  • that he has a nuclear button on his desk, that is "much bigger" and "more powerful" than North Korea's.

  • Except, that nuclear button? It doesn't really exist.

  • Instead of a button, there are two physical objects key to initiating a

  • nuclear attack. They're called the "football" and the "biscuit".

  • You may already be familiar with the football - nope, not that kind of football.

  • It's more of a secure briefcase. A military officer at the President's

  • side at all times is tasked with carrying it. Inside is a menu of nuclear

  • options available to the President, including possible targets and

  • instructions for contacting US military commanders around the world.

  • Next, the President would be required to consult with military and civilian advisors.

  • In this case Trump would include Lieutenant General John L. Dolan and Commander of

  • U.S. Strategic Command, General John Hyten, but beyond a few required

  • advisors the President can actually include whoever else he wants.

  • The length of this conversation and the ultimate decision to launch is completely up to

  • the Commander-In-Chief. If the president decides to proceed, the biscuit comes

  • into play. A senior officer in the war room has to verify that this command is

  • actually coming from the President.

  • Safety first, right?

  • So the officer recites a code

  • and in turn the President responds with a code printed on the

  • biscuit, which is actually a card that the President carries at all times.

  • Once the command is confirmed, it is communicated to the military personnel who will

  • actually launch the attack.

  • Finally, launch crews execute the plan.

  • This basically involves unlocking various safes, entering a series of codes,

  • and turning keys to launch the missiles. The whole process is designed to be fast,

  • because if missiles are heading towards the United States ,they could land within

  • 30 minutes.

  • In other words, if the President chose to, he could order a

  • nuclear strike in about the time it takes to write a tweet.

Only a few days into 2018 and President Trump tweeted

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