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- Hey, guys, this is Austin!
If you're looking for a
laptop for back to school,

I have a few options you
might want to consider.

Everything from $200 to over a thousand.
First off, we have this 14-inch HP laptop.
Now, at first glance, it looks
just a little bit old school.

However, for a little bit over $200,
there's a lot to like here.
It has a solid selection of ports,
with VGA, Ethernet, HDMI,
and three USB ports.

Now, what's a little
bit weird with this guy

is that it is actually cooled by fan.
So a lot of the budget
Intel laptops are fanless.

However, this AMD option does have a fan,
but thankfully, it's not too loud.
This guy is powered by a
quad-core AMD E2 processor

with four gigabytes of RAM
and 32 gigs of eMMC storage.
Now, that processor is not going to be
incredibly powerful.
It's actually very
similar to what's inside

the Xbox One and PS4.
Although, obviously, in this
case, a little bit slower.

But, the important thing is,
it's going to be totally fine

for basic usage, and again, this is $200.
That AMD processor is a little bit unusual
in budget laptops, but it's not that bad.
So when it comes to more
heavy usage, such as gaming,

it's not going to be
great, but for normal stuff

like watching video, it's not bad.
Hey, guys, this is Austin!
It has been nearly four
years since the original

Nintendo 2DS came out.
What's also pretty solid is the display.
So, for $220, we're getting
a full 1080p IPS panel.

Now, yes, it is not quite
as bright as I would like.

However, for this price, this
is about as good as it gets.

It might not be a powerhouse,
but if you're just looking
for a budget laptop

to get the job done, this is
definitely worth considering.

If you've got a little bit
more budget to work with,

you may want to consider picking
up the ASUS VivoBook E403.

At just a little bit under
$400, while it's not a huge jump

over the HP, there a lot of little things
that definitely add up.
So I actually did a
video on this last year,

but it's still pretty
much totally up to date.

And what's nice about this guy is that
for only a little bit more than the HP,
you're getting something
that feels a lot nicer.

Now, yes, it is still plastic.
But it's thinner, it's lighter,
and it just feels like
a more premium laptop.

This guy also has a
solid selection of ports

with an HDMI, a USB 3,
USB Type-C, which is nice.

And if you flip it over,
we're also going to get

an additional USB Type-A as
well as an SD card reader.

While this might not be
the most powerful laptop

in the world, it can
definitely get the job done.

So inside, it's rocking a
quad-core Intel Pentium processor,

four gigabytes of memory,
as well as 128 gigabytes of eMMC storage.
You can do a bit of very
light gaming on this guy,

but it really is meant
for more normal usage.

And for that, it does a good job.
So it also has a solid 1080p
panel with good speakers,

solid trackpad, keyboard.
There's really no one part of
this laptop that falls apart.

Moving on, we have the Lenovo Z50.
So this is the middle ground
between a budget laptop

and something that can handle gaming.
At $370, this guy's all about
cramming the maximum amount

of specs into the cheapest
possible computer.

Of course, you guys want more information.
I did a full video on this very recently.
In fact, most of these
laptops, I've already done

full videos on, but there's
a lot of interesting quirks

with this guy.
This is the biggest laptop
here with 15.6-inch display,

but that's also probably
it's biggest weakness,

as it is only a 1366 by 768 resolution.
On such a big screen, it
just doesn't look great.

And on top of that, it's
a fairly low-end TN panel,

which means the color, and
especially viewing angles

and contrasts, could be a lot better.
The upside is that it has an
AMD FX-7500 quad-core APU,

eight gigabytes of RAM, and
Radeon R7 integrated graphics.

Now, yes, it's not going
to crush Crysis at 4K,

but for $400, you're
going to be hard-pressed

to find a more powerful gaming laptop.
With a game like Rocket
League, we're able to get

pretty solid performance.
So, playing at 768p, which
is the max resolution

of the screen on quality settings,
we're getting right between
40 to 50 frames per second.

I can actually hit the ball.
I totally just missed
the ball twice on camera.

That's totally gotta go in.
It's definitely not perfect,
but if you're just looking

for pure bang for the buck performance,
you should check it out.
Stepping up the budget a little bit,
we have the Lenovo Y700 at $750.
What I like about this is that even though
it's a gaming laptop, it's
actually nicely well-rounded.

With a 14-inch display, it's
still somewhat portable,

but you have plenty of room for gaming,
and I actually really like the look of it.
A lot of gaming laptops can
be a little bit over the top,

but with this, it's actually
a fairly subtle design.

Inside, it has fairly powerful specs.
With an Intel Core i7-6700HQ
quad-core processor,

16 gigabytes of DDR4 memory,
as well as dedicated
Radeon R9 370 M graphics.

Jumping into a game like Overwatch,
this is totally playable.
So on 1080p, on medium
settings, we're getting anywhere

between 40 to 60 frames,
depending on how much action's going on.
But regardless, this
is very much playable.

This guy also has a 256-gigabyte M2 SSD,
paired with a one-terabyte hard drive.
And when you put it all together,
not only is this a solid
laptop for taking with you

every day, but it can
definitely handle some gaming.

Moving away from gaming, we
have the LG gram 13 at $1,000.

So there's a lot to like with this guy.
It is hands-down my favorite
Ultrabook right now.

One of the main reasons for that
is that while it's not only super light,
but it also has very, very
small bezels on the display,

making this incredibly portable.
The gram comes in 13, 14,
and 15 in screen sizes,

but regardless, you're
getting a really nice-looking

1080p IPS panel.
Color, contrast, and
especially viewing angles

are going to be on point.
And most of them, this 13-inch included,
also come with a touch screen.
I've said it a lot of times
before, but with Windows 10,

a touchscreen laptop just makes sense.
Specs are fairly standard
for an Ultrabook.

It has a Core i5-7200U processor,
eight gigabytes of RAM,
and a 256-gigabyte SSD.

This, of course, is not a gaming PC,
but it's pretty snappy for normal use.
Now, on top of the screen being nice,
it's also updated with a nice keyboard,
and especially a solid trackpad
with Windows Precision drivers.
And this model also comes
with a fingerprint sensor.

The real star of the show
here, though, is battery life.

So, LG claims that it can last
up to 15 hours on a charge,

and that's not crazy.
With that 60-watt-hour
battery, I have never killed it

in a single day.
So, if you're looking for
a laptop that not only has

solid battery life, but
it's also super portable,

check out the LG gram.
In the same category,
we have the brand-new

Microsoft Surface Pro, which
ranges anywhere from $800

to a lot, lot more.
So this might seem like a
little bit of a weird choice,

but I actually think the Surface
would make a lot of sense

for back to school.
So, yes, it is definitely a tablet,
and because of that, it's
going to be nice and portable.

But once you put the
actual Type Cover on it,

this is not a bad laptop replacement.
You are getting incredibly
nice hardware here.

Everything's made out of metal.
Especially once you
pull out the Type Cover

and pop the kickstand,
what you're seeing here

is that there's a ton of flexibility.
It is really, really well-built.
This guy comes in quite a
few different configurations,

but the one I have here
is the mid-spec model

with the Core i5, eight gigs of RAM,
and 256 gigs of SSD storage.
Now, what's cool is, the Core i5 here
is actually going to be fanless.
So not only is it going
to be nice and quiet,

but on top of that, it
has crazy battery life,

13 and a half hours.
It also has the best screen here
with a 12.3-inch PixelSense display,
which, of course, is not only touchscreen,
but it also supports the new Surface pen.
And it also has some cool other features,
like facial log-in with Windows Hello.
And of course, you get the
whole thing in a tablet package.

So yes, it can be a little bit pricey,
especially once you add
the actual keyboard,

which is basically not even an option,
but the Surface Pro is
definitely worth a look

if you're going back to school.
As always, I'll have links
to all of these laptops

in the description, and I've
also done dedicated videos

on a lot of them.
So feel free to go check
those out, and I'm curious.

Which one of these
laptops would you pick up?

Let me know in the comments below,
and I will catch you in the next one.
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6 Laptops for Back to School!

59 Folder Collection
:P published on January 11, 2018
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