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  • I love this, uh, this outfit. I never seen you dressed this way before.

  • Yeah, I come from "Gebel" today. Which is "get a Rebel"

  • Get a Rebel is Gebel. - Yeah.

  • Very nice, I like your necklace here.

  • Thanks, this is my grandma's.

  • It has been handed down over the generations?

  • - Yeah, well I come from a family of professional dog showers.

  • And so..

  • No, that is not a joke, unfortunately.

  • And so the word "bitch" is like used all the time.

  • Is it, that's true your family actually does has..?

  • - Yeah, shows beagles and my great grandma founded the beagle club of Australia.

  • - So you grew up hearing the word "bitch" constantly?

  • - Yeah, like you know, "Bring that bitch over here."

  • "That bitch looks fat, stop feeding her." - Right.

  • - Actually, I got in a lot of trouble in my very first day of kindergarten.

  • Because I look at the teacher and said, "That bitch looks pregnant."

  • I didn't know. - You were like 5 years old.

  • -Yeah. -That didn't go over so well, did it?

  • - No, didn't. - I didn't think so.

  • Well, a lot to talk about here, as you say you are Australian, you're from Australia.

  • Sydney, or you.. where're you from? - Yeah. Sydney. -Sydney.

  • - The western side. Which is the more gangster side.

  • Although we didn't do drug, but we just do drive-throughs.

  • - That's not quite as tough, yeah.

  • - Yeah, with your tough fighting beagle. - Yeah.

  • - Do you, I love your accent, I love your Australia accent. I've notice that in this movie,

  • you have an American accent. I've seen you do an American accent before,

  • you're quite good at it. You're quite convincing.

  • - Oh, thanks. That's a big compliment.

  • - Well, how do you perfect that?

  • Is it a hard accent to get done your American accent?

  • - Well, basically I just pull my ear, and then like I totally starts speaking American.

  • If I wanna get rid of it, I'm like two pulls and then now I'm back to Australian, no.

  • And then you're like Crikey!...

  • 'Cause a lot of people, they're like, "How do you fully American?"

  • And I watched a lot of reality shows,

  • - Like which ones do you watch?

  • And 'cause like I want like a real genuine American accent,

  • So I watch shows like Real Housewives, Beverly Hills..

  • I've been watching a lot of Honey Boo-Boo.

  • - Oh, you watched Honey Boo-Boo? - Yeah.

  • - And that's helping you. - Got a red-neckonize!.

  • So, yeah, I'm just.. because I really want my accent to be authentic when I'm doing movies.

  • So I do actually, you know, seriousness,

  • like watch them, and just like repeat them when they talk.

  • Then eventually you just hold back as mosts.

  • - So you were watch reality shows, as they say their lines, you just sitting there repeating, staring.

  • That must look very crazy, when people walk in.

  • - "I got a pig called Glitzy, I'm gonna take my pig to the pageant." And I just... copy them as they talk,

  • if anyone watch me do it, they'll go,"That girl's nuts."

  • -Yeah, that's very sad.

I love this, uh, this outfit. I never seen you dressed this way before.

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Rebel Wilson Does A Mean Honey Boo-Boo - CONAN on TBS

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